Chapter 9

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Today was another boring day full of the same routines.

I walk in to the living room, and couldn't believe who I saw there.

"Kimmmmm.." I cried and ran to her.

" Llllllllily." She cried back, while we flew into each other's arms.

"I've been so worried about you. He didn't let me call you." I cried while I grabbed her more firmly.

"They are fucking brothers." She whispered in my ear.

"Who?" I asked surprised.

"The fathers of our children."she Whispered
as she broke the hug to look at me

" What the fuck? Does that mean you to are being held captive?" I ask her sad.

" yes and we are officially sisters-in-law. Surprise." She said sarcastically, while showing a big diamond ring.

" If it makes you feel better, your husband has taken the trouble to give you a ring." I said while showing my ring less hand.

"The ring means nothing. They both have not one but several mistresses." She said contemptuously as she sat down on the couch.

I start to laugh and sit next to her. "And let me guess, he says you only have his heart?" I asked laughing.

"Brothers. But I'm glad I could visit you. Did this renovation have anything to do with it?" She asks while she looks around.

"I have a man full of passion." I answered.

"My house has also undergone a number of renovations." She smiled at me.

"And what should we do now? Being locked up together in my golden cage?" I ask her frustrated.

"Lily we are not birds. We are going to take their heart completely, and then we shatter it." She answered seriously and grabbed my hand. "They may be mafia bosses, but we are their weakness. They clearly long for our love." She said with a deep sigh. "We are being openly humiliated." They deserve it." She said, tears rolling from her eyes.

"They will kill us afterwards." I said and I rub her tears away with my fingers. "We have children to think about." I whispered and kissed her forehead.

"I can't live on like this, the humiliation, the violence, physically and mentally." She whispered. I see her pain in her eyes.

"I often feel that way. But we get through it together. Come and now we're going to be happy enough with that depression of ours." I said as I get up from the couch and start dragging her to the kitchen towards my drink supply.
A few bottles later and with loud music in the background we were dancing through the kitchen. And of course devil one and two had to walk in.

" Look Kim the devils are back from hell." I screamed at her while we continued dancing.

"They don't seem that scary either. In fact, they look pretty cute now." She shouted back.

Her devil walks over to her and lifts her up and throws her over his shoulder and walk away with her.

"Brandon say something. He can't take her. We have fun." I shouted at him in frustration and grabbed the bottle of liquor and took a good sip. "I am your queen, and I command you." I said while pointing towards him.

He smiles at me while he shakes his head. "How much did you drink?" He asked me.

"Just a little bit." I answer with a sweet smile.

"Mmm I see." He said, and he lifts me up, and I immediately put my legs around his waist. "Enough to make my touch able to bear." He whispered in my ear as he walked out of the kitchen with me.

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