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Lana? Lana, wake up."


"Please, I beg you, wake up!"

When Lana's eyes finally opened it was pitch black. Where the hell was she? Then she remembered the slaughter and Hannah crying herself to death. Dammit! She couldn't believe this was happening right now. Taking a look at the room she sighed. This was not what she was expecting when she woke up that day.

"Talking to yourself?" Someone asked from the door but because of the sheer darkness, it was hard to tell who it was.

"Who the hell are you and what do you want!?" Lana couldn't help but let the venom in her voice heard. This bastard was the reason she was rotting in here.

"Awe...feisty...but you are just needed for a few days. Then you can leave if you want to. Oh and by leaving I meant death, sorry you look just so familiar that it's hard to think who am I talking to." He let out a chuckle and if possible hid his body more behind the door. 

"What? Are you scared of me? Don't want to let me see your dickhead of a face?" Lana smirked feeling the familiar pull. He was afraid of something, but it looked like she wasn't the reason. He was afraid what he'd do if she lost control.


"So curious to see me. Hmm...we can work something out of you." He tasked laughing and came to the little light which was coming from the small window. As she looked around her it was clear that she was still in the house for the coven. In other words, she was in the torture cell to be exact.

Looking back at the man she saw him carrying the book Hannah wanted to save. He couldn't be more than in his late thirties. He had midnight black hair and deep red eyes.


"How can a hellhound walk on this earth without feeling the pull to hell?" She whispered with a frown but he heard it anyway.

"You're correct but I don't like the term hellhound. It makes me sound like an old dog-" He chuckled at his own joke "-and it's not safe to disrespect someone like me for only being a...hellhound." He finished.

"So what should I call you, Almighty?" She spat the word dripping with sarcasm.

"No...but Sage would do." He replied clearly ignoring her. She frowned at the name. Which parents in their sane mind would give this evil a good name?

"So...the reason you are here. I want you to read this book and call your Seeker." He straight cut got to the main business. But her mouth went dry upon hearing about the Seeker. He wanted her to call Danny.

"Why? Can't you call him yourself?" She said trying to get her voice void of any kind of emotion. If he heard any bitterness behind the words, he didn't question it.

"It only works when the Reaper calls themselves." He revealed instead while looking at her with curious eyes. Creepy much?

"And what is this work? Look, I'm a very impatient person. I have got a damn reason to know why I'm locked up here!" She finally snapped. He smiled...he freaking smiled!

"Like mother like daughter. Now I can see where this feistiness was coming from." Shocked, she felt herself grow cold. What the hell was he talking about?

"My mother...You mean Roth, right?" He shook his head and gave her a daring smirk.

"Keep guessing, feisty." He challenged.

"Then my real birth mother?" She asked not knowing if she should be happy or feel threatened. If what Hannah told her was true then maybe her mother was working with this psycho. Who knew what they were planning now? 

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