How Your Home Space Determines the Type of Speaker You Should Buy

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Having a good sound system is as important as the music that would be played on it. People usually make the grave mistake of picking out the wrong sound setup and are not able to enjoy the pleasures of music the way it is intended to. A lot of careful consideration goes into picking out the right sound system. People have a knack for just stepping into a shop and selecting a system that looks the fanciest. However, there is a bit of thought that should go before you choose the sound system that would adorn your home, and the space inside your house is the biggest determinant of what would work.

You don't need full-blown speakers for a great sound. You can have a look at your listening habits as well as figure out what you need. If you are someone who primarily listens to music, then having a pair of speakers would be a perfect addition to those movies nights at home. Bookshelf speakers are the best if you are someone who is not able to stay in place for too long. You can also install in-wall speakers. If you appreciate more bass, then a small subwoofer will deliver the extra low end that you are going for

However, surveying your space is one of the most important part of your processes that will refine your speaker search. Here are some of the most important factors involved in choosing the right speaker for your home.

The size of the room

When you ask a professional for their take on the kind of speakers you should buy, they will always ask you the size of the room. This is not to necessarily suggest you a giant speaker to install in your space, but in fact, what kind of speaker would deliver the best effects. The size of the room is not the only thing that matters. The characteristics of your room will also have a significant impact on the sound emanating from the speakers.

The furniture in your home

If you are planning on attaching speakers in an entertainment cabinet, you will want to stay away from large bookshelf and monitor speakers that produce a lot of bass. Otherwise, all of the bass would end up bouncing around in the cabinet itself and also produce unwanted resonances. You will have to look for a bookshelf speaker that stops playing the bass at 80Hz.

The corners

Placing full-length speakers on the side of the TV that squares off of corners will be extremely challenging. This arrangement is highly likely to cancel out the bass which you might be paying a high price for.

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How Your Home Space Determines the Type of Speaker You Should Buy
Last updated: Oct 11, 2019
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