Chapter 8

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He holds my hand tightly as he leads me through the club to a VIP room.
I didn't want to be here, and certainly not with him.

I had sat on my bed all day, he had decided that we would not go until late in the evening. so that I could rest. He said I was tired.

"You have chosen the most romantic place for our date." I said sarcastically while I sat down on the couch.

"Good that you think it's romantic." He said teasingly as he sat down next to me.

After a lot of drinks I already feel happier. He notices it and pulls me on his lap.
"baby I want you. I want to make love to you. I miss it." He whispered in my ear.

"Oh, yeah? sir dangerous." I asked as I pricked his chest with my finger.
The drink made me forget that I must be angry with him. So I kiss him and feel him smile at my mouth before he starts kissing me hungry.

I hear the door open and heels click on the floor towards us. But I was too busy with him to pay attention to it and I think he thought the same, because he didn't stop kissing me either.
"For this you canceled our date for someone else?" A woman's voice asked him.

I stop the kiss right away and turn my head to her. There stood one of his mistresses, she is really pretty, that's probably the reason that he doesn't want to give her up.
My heart started to hurt this was so humiliating. I try to get off his lap but he won't let me.

"Natasha. What I do and don't do is my problem." He said to her as he rubs my leg.

"You come less to our house, and now you cancel our anniversary and then I have to find you to find someone else. That hurts very much." She said with tears in her eyes.

What a jerk. But the only thing I could do is laugh. The mistresses each had their own house with him, what a gentleman.

"I think I should leave you alone, I would not want to ruin the rest of your anniversary." I said and push his hands away and stand up "sorry I did not know. But I mean nothing to him." I said to her while I walk out of the room.

"Lily keep waiting for me outside." He commands.
But do I listen? no I leave the club and start to walk away.

To her I was the mistress, the reason for her pain. I didn't want to go back to that house where I had to live as his private whore, but in the end I will have to go for my son.

I walk and walk, and after a while I sit down on a bench.
Immediately a man in a suit comes and sits next to me.

Are you my babysitter? I ask him and he just nods.

"Can I at least know your name?" I asked and looked at him.

"Levi ma'am." He answers

"Your boss is a jerk. He only loves himself." I said.

After a while a car comes up and brings me back to my prison.
For a whole week I was released from him. He obviously had a lot to make up for with her. I only focused on jayden and was determined to make his life as good as possible. My life was hell from which I could only escape dead.

It was evening and lay drunk on the couch. Yes I even had a new hobby to get through every night.

"baby I am home" I heard his annoying voice say. I open my eyes and yes he's really here.

"I can see that you are there, welcome to see you and now you can go again" I said and closed my eyes again.

"I missed you, give me a kiss." He said impatiently.

"We don't have to act as if, and who knows were your lips have just been on." I said and make a go away gesture with my hand.

After a minute I open my eyes again and he was still there. Irritated, I put my dress up and spread my legs wide.
"Fuck me quickly and leave." I said

He starts aggressively knocking things over, and breaks things with his fist. It didn't interest me and I stayed on the couch.

"I want to make love with my wife." He said breathlessly.

"Fortunately I am not your wife." I said to him calmly.

"We are already fucking married the day I took you. I took care of that. you have been my wife all along." He said.

"Sure, I'm not worth a wedding party either. Your anniversary party with natasha was so important that it took you a week to find your wife again." I said as I sat up.

"You want a wedding baby? You get the greatest wedding ever." He said happily.

"Certainly on a different anniversary." I said while I stood up. I don't want a party. I want you to leave me and my son alone. Come see him here and make me pregnant and go away. Go away to natasha or at one of the others. But leave me alone far away from you." I said and walk away to go upstairs to my bed.

When I am in my bedroom I hear that downstairs everything is being rebuilt quite aggressively, while he roars out loud.

What did he expect from me? That we would make love after all?

When I almost fall asleep I hear the door open and close and someone walks towards me. I knew it was him, nobody else dared to come into my bedroom, especially when I slept.

"You are my wife, my fucking wife. I kill kim and even Sarah if needed to get my wife the way I want." He whispered in my ear.

"You will have to kill your own to get my love again. You are the problem." I said as I open my eyes. "Can you do that for your wife"

"Why is it so important to you who I fuck? Are you short of anything?" He asked me and starts undressing. "Some things you don't do with your wife that you love. Your child's mother. You have whores for that. He said and lay down on the bed behind me and pulls me towards him."

"You have relationships with those women. You live with them in houses that you have bought. You maintain them. Who knows, you might have families with them." I said as I tried to distance ourselves.

"Jayden is my only child until you give me another. Lily be smart, submit yourself to me, I will treat you like my queen. Otherwise people die." He said and pulled me close again.

"If I tolerate your women, I want my freedom. I want to be able to leave the house, do things." I said as I turned to look at him. "I will obey you, play your wife, be your whore in bed, I will give you children, but I can no longer give you my love." I said seriously

"You will always love me and I will love you." He whispered as he kissed my forehead.

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