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"What?" Kira asked as we stand in a science classroom. We were going to help her practice for the brownout. By we, I mean Malia and I.

"Do it. Do your thing." Malia tells her.

"What thing?" Kira groaned. "I don't have a thing."

"You did it before," Malia says. "You have to learn how, right?"

"Actually, no," Kira admitted. "It just happened."

"How'd you learnt to fight with a sword?" I ask, cocking my head beside Malia.

"That just kind of happened to." Kira's eyes shifted over to me.

"So you've never worked for anything and basically you're a cheater?" Malia accused.

Kira shakes her head. "This wasn't my idea. How are we even getting past the front gate?"

"I have a guy on the inside," Malia informs us and I looked over at her. A guy on the inside? What does that even mean? "And stop changing the subject. Do your thing."

Kira exhaled. She grabbed ahold of the wire that was connected to the light (one end was) and the other end was wrapped around the tap.

The lights brighten, it keeps brightening until the lightbulb breaks. I felt pain on my forehead.

A glass got in me.

Kira jumps. "It didn't work," Kira stated. She looked up and her eye's widen. "I'm so sorry, Stacey,"

"It's fine," I tell her and I reached up to try take it out.

"I'll do it," Malia quickly offered. I sighed and let her do it, I turned to her and she slowly pulls out the glass making me wince. I felt a bit of pain. The feeling of blood drips down my skin. "Do you need to go see Scott to see if he can ease the pain?"

I shake my head. "I'll just go to the nurse."

"Um, take this." Malia hands me a towel, I nod and placed it on my wound. Malia sighed and turned to Kira, she grabbed another lightbulb and hand it to her.

"I'm sorry, Stacey!"

"Don't worry about it!" I yell when I exit the science classroom and made my way to the nurse's office.

I ended up bumping into Stiles after I'd gone to the nurse. He looked like he was in a hurry. "Stacey," he looked at my bandage. "Hey, what happened there?"

"Nothing. Just a minor." I tell him, his eyes filled with worry. "Don't worry, nobody touched me. It's just a small cut. Where are you going?"

He fiddled with his car keys. "Talk to Parrish. Wanna come?"

I nod. "Yeah sure, why not?"

"That is the worst plan I've ever heard," Parrish tells us as we were at the police station, he was on the cell duty downstairs.

"Okay, the plan is perfect and it'll work perfectly, especially if you agree to drive the van," Stiles tells him.

He pushes forward the keys to the van. "Is the Sheriff on board with this?"

"How do you think I got the keys?" Stiles lied.

"I thought you stole them," Parrish said, Stiles gave me a side glance.

"While that's a perfectly reasonable assumption," actually, it was accurate. "I did not steal them. And we need you because of all the Eichen guards know all the Sheriff's Deputies, okay. We need a real deputy, and one who won't ask questions,"

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