Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief

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SEAN YEAGER and the DNA Thief

Chapter One

This excerpt is copyright D.M. Jarrett 2012

Published by Aenathen Omega

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“Holey moley! A security breach right under our noses!” cried Agent Lee.

The Duty Controller jumped in her seat and roused her Control Centre colleagues in her bossiest tones. She keyed some commands into a console and raised the alarm.

“Alert! Code Ten! Alert! Code Ten!” flashed the computer, triggering a cascade of messages.

Speakers across the building joined in and repeated the words in unison. Communicators buzzed and beeped on the wrists and inside the pockets of all The Foundation’s Agents and Commandos. This was the first time in years a security alarm had been sounded. Staff across the Headquarters stared at each other, unsure what to do next. Or what ‘Code Ten’ actually meant.

“This is the Brigadier, where is this ‘Code Ten’ Control?” asked Cuthbertson, running to his nearest monitor.

It was mid-morning and he expected to hear it was a false alarm. The Foundation didn’t have break-ins they were too well protected. Perhaps a squirrel had bitten through a spy-bot’s wires? Horrible creatures squirrels, he hated the darned tree rats. They were forever digging up his lawn and stealing from his bird feeders.

“We have a secure premises break-in at the home of a Priority One subject, Sir. The protected person is called Sean Yeager,” replied the Duty Controller.

It was unlike the Brigadier to take a direct interest in security matters.

‘I’d better not foul this up!’ she thought.

“How did they get in?” asked the Brigadier.

“I’m not sure Sir. It looks like they cut a hole through an upstairs wall.”

Or to be more precise, they took away half the side of the house undetected. Why on her shift and what did they use to cut a hole that big, that quickly?

“Agent Lee, show me live pictures from our spy cameras and send our nearest team over there at once. I want the whole area secured!” barked the Brigadier.

“I would Sir, but our spy-bots are not transmitting. I had to use a scan satellite to zoom in on the area,” explained Lee.

“Well patch those pictures through to me then! I want our nearest Field Agents on site at the double, I need a full report before lunchtime!” snapped the Brigadier.

“Yes Sir! I’ll order a lock-down right away Sir,” replied Agent Lee.

‘This is more like it,’ thought Cuthbertson after months of paper work and budget debates. ‘Something to get my teeth into!’

The Brigadier tried to remember the Yeager family and shook his head. It mattered little, duty called.

Agent Lee felt relieved it would be someone else’s mess to sort out. Not to mention the endless reports and paperwork. The Foundation did not tolerate failure, ever. Apart from that one incident in Montserrat, which no one dared to speak about in case they were somehow blamed. According to the rumour mill, it had resulted in a volcanic eruption and the destruction of half an island, but that was years ago.

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