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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

I found out the gender of my baby was a girl. I'm happy but then again I don't know how I feel bout that

Jayden met my daddy and that ain't go right, so now they both hate each other. I ain't surprised by that anyway cause I already knew what was gone happen

But my daddy kinda accepted the fact that he finna be granddaddy Trell

The whole family done found out, so now I'm getting everybody opinions back to back. I can careless cause they ain't finna be providing shit for my baby

Surprisingly my grandma was actually happy, she went to go buy a bunch of baby stuff. I don't know what made her react like that, but I like it

"come on, you need to stop fucking getting a attitude" Jayden said pushing me in front of him as we walked on the baby aisle

"ain't nobody got no attitude nigga this how I talk" I responded looking back at him before rolling my eyes

"you got a attitude" he said and I just shrugged "what diapers we getting?"

"what we getting diapers for?"

"fuck you mean?" he scrunched his face up before giving me a confused look

"the baby ain't even here yet, so what you buying shit so early for?"

"cause its my baby" he said before tuning me out and looking at the diapers

I can tell how all this finna go, he finna spoil this baby

We finally paid for everything before leaving out the store

He brought diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bibs, onesies, and a whole bunch of other stuff

"I don't know where you putting all that stuff at" I said buckling my seatbelt up as he drove off

"half of it going with you and the other half going with me" he shrugged as if i was okay with it

"no, you taking all that with you cause ain't nobody tell you to buy all that"

"we gone see, I bet you gone have some of that sitting in yo' room"

"we will, and you ain't even tell yo' momma I'm pregnant. She gone beat yo' ass when you take all that baby stuff in her house "

"no she ain't, she gone be happy" I gave him a 'really nigga?' look

"she gone do you just how my daddy did me" he made a stank face at the thought of my daddy being brought up

"ew" I slapped his arm causing him to hold the spot where I hit him

"dont say shit, you always saying something "

"I ain't say nothing but ew, you ain't have to hit me that hard"

"you have to say ew but you still did. Just don't say shit at all and you gone be straight "

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