Chapter 2

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Lisa POV
When we reached home, I take my bag and hand it to one of our maid. Then, I open the door of the passenger seat to carry the sleeping beauty.

-"Young master, what happend to the miss?" The maid ask with full of concern.

I accidentally hit her with a ball that's what happend.

-"A ball hit her on the head and she fainted. Don't worry about her, I'll take care of her myself. Get a pack of ice for me and send it to her room, Oh and also run the bath for her" I said to the maid with a smile.

She nods her head and went inside the mansion with my bag. I carry her bridal style and the other maid shut the door close. My butlers who are standing by the doors helped me open the doors widely as I step into the big house with my wife in my arms. I carried the girl into her room and I found the ice pack on the nightstand. I place her on the bed and I check the bathroom if the bath is ready. The water is in a right temperature and I drop a bath bomb into the water so it would smell good. When I'm finally satisfied, I went out and check on the sleeping beauty. I tried waking her up by shaking her lightly.

-"Jen wake up and take a shower" I aid with a soft tone.

-"Don't fucking disturb me. I'm tired and I want to sleep. Btw get the fuck out from my room. I can handle myself and I don't need you to tell me what to do" she said, annoyed.

My mouth hung open in disbelief. She got back to sleep like nothing happened and tbh I take back what I said earlier, this kid here is no sleeping beauty. This is a sleeping beast! I scoff.

-"Yeah! For once, I just wanted to have a good relationship with you! No fights and no quarreling! Just fucking peace! But this is what you repay me?! You know what?! I'm done! This is just bullshit! Go ahead and do or say whatever you want! I'm out of here!" I let out angrily.

I huff angrily before walking out her room. Not forgetting to slam the door shut. I swear I'm never going back in there!
After sometime~

I walk back into the room just to find out she haven't even showered yet. Yeah I'm back. I expect her to do something about it but she didn't. Yeah I know, I did swear not to go back in here but I just can't leave her like that. Some part of my brain is stupidly worried about her. If she's not gonna go, I might as well just help her. I mean, what of it? We're married and I'm pretty sure it's normal for couples to do I right?

I shrug at the thought and start taking her top off with my eyes squeezed shut. Then I went down to her skirt. I pulled it off from her. Then I have this stupid shit going on in my brain. How can I carry her to the bathroom if my eyes are closed?? You know what? Fuck it. I'm gonna open my eyes and just help her to bath. Then tomorrow, I'm gonna pretend like nothing ever happened between us. I open my eyes just to see her only in her undergarments. I felt my blood rushing to my face as I saw her flat stomach and her beautiful white tender skin. I shake my head abruptly before carrying her to the bathroom. Believe me, it's not  that easy to open the door using only one hand. But I'm fine with it. As soon as I set foot into the bathroom, I didn't bother to take her undergarments off. I mean, I don't want to be called a pervert. Even though I know we're already married, I still don't think I'm allowed to touch her body cuz we were married without our consent. Or should I say her consent. Cuz I wanted to marry her from the first time I laid my eyes on her. Let's just get this over with. I placed her in the bath tub and that is when her eyes shot open. She covers her body with her hands and looks at me with a death glare.

-"What the actual fuck?! You're a pervert!!" She shouts angrily.

I was taken aback by her words and I frowned.

-"I did told you to shower and it's getting late. If you don't shower you'll smell bad and you'll catch a cold if you take a shower late at night" I said, proving my point.

-"Whatever it is, it's none of your freaking business!" She argued.

-"I was kind enough not to take your undergarments off. Or else your whole body will be on full display right now" I said again with a calm tone.

-"Fucking pervert!" She shouts.

By that time I was already on my way out so I don't really care. I heard one last scream from her before I completely walk out from her room.

-"Fuck you! I hate you so fucking much Manoban!" That's what she said.

Oh honey. That is also your surname so you're cursing yourself and not just me.

I smirk before walking into my room to get a towel, a loose tank top and a trainers shorts. I then went to use the bathroom in one of the unused guest rooms to have a quick shower.

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The other rooms that are supposed to be available are used by the maids and butlers so right now the only room that is available is the one I'm about to use. But only the bathroom though.

After sometime~

After showering and putting some clothes on, I went into the kitchen to get some booze. I take what I needed and went into the living room to watch the TV. I was watching an action movie and after a few minutes or so, I felt someone sitting next to me and I already knew it's Jennie. I take a quick look at her and she's wearing a t-shirt with shorts.

This girl is gorgeous! I wasn't planning to have a nosebleed right here, just beside her so I kept focussing on the TV without paying much attention to her

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This girl is gorgeous! I wasn't planning to have a nosebleed right here, just beside her so I kept focussing on the TV without paying much attention to her.

After an hour~
It's already late at night and all lights are off. The only light that we have is coming from the TV. It's almost the ending of the movie and I'm curious on what's gonna happen next. But then, I felt her head on my shoulder. This arrogant lady is placing her head on my shoulder?? Does she even know what she's doing?? I turn my head to the side and looks at her face. Damn! She looks even beautiful up close. Her hair smells good, her skin looks soft. Her nose are just small and it's just cute! Not forgetting her dumpling cheeks, adding her cuteness more. This mandu will be the death of me. I turn the TV off and used my palm to lift her head up from my shoulder. I was about to move but I loose balance, so I used both my hands to support my body from falling. That is when her head fell on top of my chest. My flat chest is an embarrassment I know, but that's not the main point here. So instead of carrying her, I decided to lay myself down on the couch. Her head is now on my arm and her face is buried on my chest while my other arm is wrapped around her waist. There's literally no space between us and we're in fact really close to each other. I sigh at the thought before closing my eyes and let the tiredness consume my whole body, as I fell into a deep slumber.

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