Kyle x Reader

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Letting Kyle run his fingers through my hair, I leaned my head against his chest, closing my (E/C) eyes and enveloping the warmth radiating from the red-head.
'I love you~'
Why could I never say those three words to him? I can't so much as MUTTER them to him! I assume that Kyle thinks we're only friends since neither of us talked about being... More... than that. We're really close friends; Hell, almost as close as Stan is with him.
I was brought back from my thoughts when i felt the slight rumble in Kyle's chest and heard his honey-coated voice say my name. I wish he'd say my name all day long; it sounds so beautiful coming from his lips.
"Yeah, Ky?" I responded quietly, using his nickname and nuzzling him gently. When he pushed me away gently, I whimpered, but complied and his emerald green orbs clashed with my (E/C) ones. I felt my heart start pounding in my chest, refusing to let the blush I was holding back fill my cheeks.
His eyes scanned my whole form now, and i felt a huge hit in my self confidence, immediately bad thoughts came through my mind.
'Oh god, I look terrible! My hair's a mess, my clothes make me look odd--!'
My thoughts would've continued if Kyle hadn't placed his lips over mine, which made my confidence boost up again. I took control a little, moving my lips against his. I was blushing, but I wasn't sure if Kyle noticed or not, since our eyes were shut.
Soon, we both needed air, and we pulled away simultaneously, panting softly.
"I love you, (Y/N)," I heard Kyle purr to me. "I love you too," I chirped back, satisfied with myself for finally telling him, and also because we are together at last.

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