Part 25

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D.  Ahaha everything will be alright stop crying. He rub her tears and hugged her.

Shivaaay.  Anikaaaaa he shouted her name to seeing their position.

Ani. Shivaaay she startled.

Shivaay look at her angrily and pulled her towards him harshly.

Daksh.  Shivaay what r u doing here.  Leave her.

Shiv. U Shut up bastard I didn't give u right to speak between us.  Let's go anika he try to drag her but stopped when Anika didn't move.

Shiv. Why r u standing. Let's go anika.

Ani. I'm not coming. She Shout.

Shiv. And who are u to decide this. He gritted his teeth while saying.

Ani. It's my life so I'll decide where will I live.  Shivaay chuckle sarcastically and pulled her towards him.

Shiv.  This is not ur life it's mine and I'll decide where will u live and where not.  Did u get that.

Ani.  U r nothing to me mr oberoi. She said angrily

Shiv.  I'm ur everything so I've fully right on u. Now let's go silently other wise I'll drag u forcefully. 

Daksh.  U can't force her shivaay.  Leave her. He said approaching towards him.

Shivaay.  Look mr if Anika consider u as her wise friend then be a friend don't need to poke ur nose between us. And moreover I feel like u r dragging himself more in her life then usual. So be in ur limits and stay out our lives.

Ani. U can't insult him shivaay.  she shout

Shiv.  U shut up and let's go.  I've told u that I'll always stand beside u but u didn't believe me and run away taking my son with u.  But now I think time has come to show u my power because u don't get lesson by tongue now I've to use my other tricks.

Ani. What do  u mean. She stammered

Shiv. I'll show u. Saying this he pick her up in his arms and started walking towards exit.

Ani. What r u doing. Let me go.

Shiv.  Shshsh don't eat my head.  Anika try to wriggle but he held her firmly and took her in car.

Ani. U can't force me shivaay u r doing wrong.

Shiv. I know what I'm doing and what not. U don't need to tell me. Saying this he made her sit in the car and fastened seat belt to secure her.

Shiv. Sit here I'm going to bring my son.

Ani.  Don't do this shivaay u will regret.

Shiv. I'll not darling. He lock her in car and left to bringing his son.  He directly went inside of daksh room and found him sleeping. He smile and kissed his forehead.

Shiv.  Baby, shavi opened his eyes abruptly and hugged him.

Shavi.  Daddy u here.

Shiv. Yes I've cAme here to take u and ur mumma.

Shavi. Mummy is so angry with u daddy.

Shiv. Yes I know Jannie. But don't worry ur daddy will make everything alright.  Now let's go.  He kissed his tiny hands and left picking him in his arms.

In car.

Shavi. Mummy we r going daddy's house.

Ani.  Shavi sit quietly don't make me angry.she remarked.

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