🌹Chapter Thirty - Six🌹

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🌹R O S E🌹


Walking into the elevator, tired beyond exhaustion, I nearly fall down with every step I take from how sleepy I am. I didn't sleep a wink last night, mainly because Lena kept me awake with her loud music and the fact that she wanted to party.

But, it was also because I kept thinking of a certain boss of mine that doesn't seem to want to disappear from my thoughts, it can get annoying, yet I can't deny the fact that I do like thinking about him. I hold into the walls of the elevator to keep myself steady and make sure that I don't fall asleep.

I walk out of the elevator into my office, and sit down on the chair, my eyes having a hard time keeping themselves open to be able to work, I don't even know if I will be able to work at all even. "Ms. Ace" A woman's voice comes from the right side of my office.

Turning my head to the side, I look at where the voice was coming from. In the corner of my office is a desk and a chair and a computer on the desk and everything that a person needs to work in this place that they can have on their desk. My mouth falls open when I notice that there's a woman sitting on the chair.

"Who are you?" I ask, trying to sound soft and nice, but since I'm already in a grumpy mood from lack of sleep and the fact that I'm grumpy when I don't get enough sleep, my voice comes out as annoying and harsh. I'm a bit confused at why this woman is sitting there and why everything is set up for her to work here.

"My name is Sarah, Sarah Trevor. I'm the new secretary that will be working alongside you from now on" She speaks, her voice is professional, but the look she's giving me is a glare. I get the feeling that she doesn't like me. "New secretary?" I ask, I'm a bit confused at why Alexander needs a second secretary. And a beautiful one at that, I'm a bit angry at that one.

Am I being fired? I thought that he said that he would never fire me, and I know that he won't fire me, yet why do I feel like I'm being replaced by her. "Yes, Mr. Knight has employed me as the new secretary. But, between you and me, I will soon take your position" She speaks with confidence and with an evil smirk on her face.

The only thing I can do is gape at her. I stand up and walk over to the door that connects the offices and knocks, I don't even wait for him to call out enter before I enter the office and close the door, not wanting this woman to hear any of this, though I believe that she will hear it either way.

"Good morning, Ms. Ace" He greets with a cheery tone, someone's in a good mood. He looks up from his work on the desk and looks at me. "Is something the matter? You look pale, are yours sick? Should you be resting? You definitely should. Take a seat" He says with worry in his voice.

I'm terribly confused by his rambling. I shake my head. "I'm not sick. Who is the woman in my office and why is she your new secretary?" I ask, sounding a little mad, though I don't let him know that. Her words keep spinning in my mind, that she would be replacing me soon.

"I see you've met Ms. Trevor. I felt you needed help around the office, she's not my secretary, she's yours" He tells me, but that only leaves me more confused than ever. "My secretary? What does that even mean?" I ask. All of this is definitely doing a good job at keeping me awake since I feel like my body is going to fall sleep soon.

He stands up and walks over to me. "Yes, I've seen how much work you have and I thought you needed help. She's there to help you and only you, by helping me. But, that's another thing. I care about you, and you're doing things that you can't handle, I don't want you to harm yourself. I care about your health" He tells me, then he comes closer to me.

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