World Mental Health Day: Psycho's message

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My main aim in any novel I write is to entertain-- to make you laugh, smile, swear at certain villains (lol) and maybe even cry. However, I also try my best to implicitly embed positive messages within the narrative.

Cadell had always thought he was just a lazy teenager who liked to sleep during classes. He saw himself as normal. Far from a saint, but a regular human being. But after the onset of his illness, he loses himself and questions his identity. Was he evil? Was he a monster? Was he a demon? 

Villain's deterministic viewpoints threatened to tip him over the edge. They boxed him from all corners, insisting his mental illness defined him and that he had no choice but to accept this. 

"You're a disgusting demon. It's in your blood." 

"Accept your true self, boy."

"Killing is in our nature." 

Cadell's worst fears culminate in a fight between someone who represents everything he doesn't want to become. But at the end of this conflict, he finally realizes the truth:

He decides who he becomes. Not his illness.

The volatile illness stole his innocence, ruined his life and forced him into circumstances he couldn't control but that didn't mean he couldn't be someone good. With help from loving friends and effective treatment, Cadell was able to do more than prove his humanity. He was able to find a new identity as Psycho the Superhero. 

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