Author's Note

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The large brick house in my story has been speaking to me, as have the characters that have found themselves living there, and I find myself constantly thinking about not only the Palls, but moreso of the people who lived in their house before. I wanted to know more about the woman in the closet, the Shadow Man, and the other entities that may or may not be haunting the house.

So I hope you'll journey with me back in time to meet the MacNeil family, who built the house and were the first to occupy the space composed by its immense collection of red brick. This story will be told in three parts.

This story is a companion novella to The Bones of Our House but it is also a standalone story. Hopefully, if you've been enjoying Bones, you'll get something out of hearing Sara's story. Or, if you enjoy this story, I hope that you then feel encouraged to go and check out the companion novel.


Content Warning: Disturbing images, domestic violence

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