Chapter Seven

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For just giving them a couple of minutes to dig, the plants sure worked fast. I've been walking for about an hour and a half and the tunnel is still going a long way. Where I'm headed I don't know, but the farther north the better. While I continued on, I still felt guilty for leaving David. He is my only brother, well that I know of and he is the only one who is like me, again, that I know of. David might have been able to teach me how to run fast and maybe even how to produce a barrier to protect myself. I might have been able to teach him how to heal, control plants, and produce light.

I can't obsess of what I wanted to do or say to them. I had to do this, whether I like it or not. It was for their own good. I didn't want them to get hurt because of me, just like my parents may have been. I hope they can understand, but if they can't then they have to deal with it. I'm not trying to be mean, but that's how it has to be.

My thoughts were interrupted by dirt falling on my head. I looked up and more dirt fell into my eye. I looked down and rubbed my eyes to get the dirt out, so I could see what was going on. As I cleared my vision and looked up, a big hand shot through the roof of the tunnel and grabbed a hold of my sweatshirt. Then the hand yanked my hard and all of a sudden I'm above ground.

I brush the dirt off of my face, so I could see who grabbed me. Probably David, but how did he find me? He couldn't have followed me through the tunnel, unless he noticed that the ground was reburied. That wouldn't explain how he got above ground without making a lot of noise if he was in the tunnel, though. Did he somehow track me? If so, how? I finished wiping the dirt from my face to see that it wasn't David who had a hold of me. It was an adlet.

It wasn't just that adlet; there were two other adlets and two werebears that had clubs in their big paws. The adlets were all grinning and growling at me as I dangled in midair, in the hold of an adlet. I may be good at fighting, but there is no way I can beat three adlets and two werebears with clubs all by myself. And it's hard to try to fight them when you're dangling two feet above the ground. Man being little really sucks.

"You've been giving us a lot of trouble. You're lucky we even found you." said the adlet that was holding me. I didn't want to show these adlets and werebears the panic I was feeling, so I tried my best to be hateful back.

"Oh sure, lucky me. A case of bad luck if you ask me." I said. The adlet shook his head slowly.

"Well that luck is about to get a lot worse because your coming back to the lab with us." He said and smiled. Then the other two adlets came closer to me. One was holding a bandana and the other was holding some rope. I knew it was stupid, but at the sound of going back to the lab made me scream.

The adlet holding the bandana quickly covered my mouth, making a gag so I couldn't scream anymore. The one that was holding me secured my arms and legs, while the one with the rope started tying my arms and legs. When they were done with that, they tied a long rope and started dragging me the way I came. That's right, they dragged me! They didn't carry me or anything! Well it's not like didn't expect them to do this, but the least they could do was carry me instead of dragging me.

I tried struggling and screaming for help as they dragged me, but it was no good. The gag turned my high pitch screams into muffled squeaks. The rope was too strong and too tight for me to wiggle out of it. The werebear that was pulling me on the rope was purposely making me run into rocks and hit trees. If I could I would so kick him in a spot where he wouldn't want to be kicked. Well where o guy would want to be kicked.

I can't concentrate on using my powers when I'm constantly being knocked into stuff. Just wait until I get out of these ropes and gag, then they will pay big time. I tried wrapping my body around a tree to keep the werebear from pulling me, even though it hurt like crap. The werebear turned around and gave a hard yank, but I kept my, somewhat, of a grip. He yanked harder, but again I kept my grip. Then he walked over to me then raised his club and hit me on my head, knocking me out cold.

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