[Namkook] My Nerd

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Author's PoV

Jeon Jungkook is a nerd but not any ordinary nerd that you will see in your school. You see Jungkook came from a wealthy family but he hides it so people won't use him for money. But even if he's rich, he's still smart like very very smart, he's just 17 but he's in senior year.

Jungkook's PoV

I was super nervous because I'm transferring school and I'm gonna meet new people. Something happened in my old school that made my overprotective parents to make me transfer school and I hate it but maybe in this school I can make new friends and maybe a boyfr--Aish Jungkook, think about school first but maybe Mama and Papa won't mind because they agree to me being gay,Nah, they'll just threaten him because they super protective. I'll just think about school first.

"Pumpkin! Get ready now, we'll go with you to the school because we still have to talk to the principal!" I heard Mama say.
"Okay coming!" I said and walked downstairs. I saw them in ordinary clothes since they don't want people knowing we're rich.
"You ready pump--Wait! Your glasses" Papa said and placed a glasses on my face.
"There, now you're ready Pumpkin" Papa said and we leave the house.

We got inside the car but not a limousine since we only use that for events. I saw Mr Song on the driver's seat and I gave him a smile that he gave back.
"Where to, Sir?" Mr Song asked Papa.
"To the school" Papa says and Mr Song nodded and started driving.
"So baby are you ready for school?" Mama said and I hummed as a response.
"Tell us if someone tried doing something like that again and I will make sure they don't see the light again" Papa said which made Mama hit him.
"Kookhyun stop!" Mama said with a smile while I giggled at their interaction.
"What? I just wanted to protect our son, our pumpkin" Papa said while Mama rolled her eyes at him.

"Sir, we have arrived" Mr Song said and we three got out of the car. We all walked inside the school and people looked at us with confused looks.
"Pumpkin, you go to your class now, Me and your Papa will go to the office" Mama said and I nodded. We all go our ways but on the way to my class I hit something hard.
"Ow!" I said because I fell on the ground.
"I'm sorry!" I heard a voice say and a hand showed up in my face. I looked up to see a guy with blond hair. I took his hand and he pulled me up.
"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking at the way" The guy said while scratching his nape.
"It's okay?" I said not knowing his name. He must notice it and he introduced himself.
"Oh, I'm Kim Namjoon, 21 years old and I'm in my senior year" He said and I nodded.
"It's okay, Namjoon hyung" I said while smiling my so called bunny smile by my parents.
"What's your name?" He asked me.
"Hi I'm Jeon Jungkook, 17 years old and I'm also in my senior year" I said which made him shocked.

"What! You're 17 and in senior year, you must be that smart to be a senior" He said while I giggled.
"Uhmm... Hyung can you show me which room is this?" I said and showed him my timetable. He looked at it and nodded.
"This is where my class is" He took out his hand for me to hold so he could show the room. I took it and we started walking to the designated class.
"We're here" Namjoon hyung said and we entered the classroom and sat by eachother.
"So, how did you get in senior year but still a 17 year old?" He suddenly asked getting me out of my thoughts.
"Oh, I was the top 1 in my classroom since grade 1-9 and maybe my parents decided to make me skip school grades and put me in senior year" I said while he nodded.
"Uhmm.. Hyung, can I sit by you at the canteen?" I asked looking at him with pleading eyes.
"Of course" He said and with that the bell rings indicating that the classes is starting.

/Time skip/

Me and Namjoon hyung were sitting at a table when a group of girls approached our table.
"Is he new here, Oppa?" One of them said while showing her cleavage a little bit.
"Yes" Namjoonie hyung plainly said.
"Well, can you leave him a bit and have fun with us?" One of the other girls but this time her make up is like she had gotten beat up.
"No, but maybe later" Namjoon hyung and I saw him wink. The girls squealed and left the table.
"What was that about?" I asked.
"Oh, I'm maybe getting laid later" He said with a dimpled smile. I looked down slightly sad at the thought of him having some--wait, why I'm I feeling this, I just met him. I ruffled my hair and fixed my glasses.

/Time skip/(Dismissal)

I was waiting for Mr Song since Namjoon hyung decided to leave me alone because he was getting laid. I was about to walk out of the school when a hand held mine. I looked up to see Namjoon hyung with a messy shirt and hair.
"I thought you were getting laid?" I asked.
"Oh, it was just a fast thing and I wasn't enjoying it cause the girl was screaming like a goat" He said while rolling his eyes. I giggled and then a car honk was heard.
"Oh, that's my ride, Bye Namjoon hyung" I said and walked to the car.
"Oh okay, bye Jungkook!" He said and waved bye to me.

/Time skip/(3 months later)

I have been in this school for a whole 3 months now and me and Namjoon hyung has also been getting so much closer. And a whole 3 months of me falling in love with him.

This is the day I'm gonna confess my feelings to him. 'But what if he rejects me? What if he isn't into guys?' I thought but I erased that because Namjoon hyung is walking towards me.
"Hi Jungkook!" He said with a smile while I smiled back.
"Hi Hyung" I said and we sat down at our seats.
"Hyung, can you meet me in the rooftop at lunch time?" I asked and he nodded.
"Okay, but why?" He asked.
"I have something to say to you but I won't say it" I said and fixed my glasses.
"Aww, Dang it" He said with smile. The professor arrived and he class started.

/Time skip/(Lunch time)

I was waiting for Namjoon hyung on the rooftop. I then heard footsteps and I immediately know it was Namjoon hyung.
"Hi Jungkook, so tell me what you wanted to say" He immediately say after entering the rooftop. I took a deep breath and started speaking.
"Hyung, I know we've just known each other for a whole 3 months but I have gotten something inside me that made me blush everytime we're together" I said pausing to look at his reaction since my glasses is a little foggy. He was looking at me with a confused expression that made me even nervous.
"What is it Jungkook?" He asked.
"I like you Hyung not like a friend or brother but a lover" I said and looked down since I'm scared of him rejecting me. He suddenly placed his fingers on my chin and made me look at his eyes.

"I like you too Jungkook" He said and placed his lips on mine. I was too shocked to kiss back so he pulled back.
"Do you not want to do it?" He asked which made me get out off my thoughts.
"Uhhuh.. No, I want it" I said and he smiled placing his lips again on mine. We kissed for a whole 2 minutes after pulling away to get some air.
"Wow, that was something" He said and suddenly picked me up which made me squeak in surprise.
"That was a cute sound" He said making me blush and hide my face in the crook of his neck.
"I love you" He muttered.
"I love you too, Hyung" I mumbled since my face is covered.

"But Hyungie, someone told me you were a playboy" I asked.
"Oh, that was last year before I met you" He said.
"But what if you're gonna cheat on me?" I asked again.
"No, why would I do that if my boyfriend is the most cutest and beautiful boy I've ever seen" He said making me blush and giggle.

Kookhyun(My Nerd, Jungkook's father)



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