5 - Dig Dug : Part 2

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This was the first time in a year that Gabbie had gotten a goodnights sleep, without nightmares, without waking up sweating. She was just able to sleep, and it was because Mike was right beside her, holding her close. Gabbie felt safe in his arms and she wouldn't let go. Mike felt the same, the moment he held the girl in his arms he knew he still loved it, she may not any more but he didn't care, he still had feelings for her and it wasn't going to stop him. The 2 children being distant for so long made this embrace all the more special, and they both knew it. Secretly on the inside, Gabbie never let go of Mike and with him holding her now, she knew those feelings of love would rise again.

Gabbie started to open her eyes, the morning light was flowing through her and her brothers room, and even though it was a little chilly outside thanks to the autumn air, she didn't feel a think being wrapped up in Mike. She looked up at this sleeping face, His eyes lightly shut, his light breathing coming through his mouth and his hair falling onto his face. In the past year Mike had grown up a lot and it had shown as his face was much wider then Gabbie remembered which she found kinda cute. 

Feeling eyes on him, Mike slowly lifting open one eyes and saw Gabbie looking at him, he closed it again and smiled. 

"You know watching me sleep is pretty creepy" he whispered to her, which made Gabbie chuckle quietly. 

"You looked so peaceful" She whispered back to him "Like a sleeping baby" She said with a smile, Mike still with his eyes closed smiled back at her, bring her just a little closer to himself. In this moment, they forgot about Will, they forgot about the shadow monster and they forgot about the upside down. In this moment it was two teenagers alone together, Two that liked it each other very much. But that was interrupted but Will, Sitting up and gasping for air. 

Both Gabbie and Mike quickly spring into action as they both sit up and look over to Will with a panicked expressions.

"Will, what's wrong?" Mike asks his best friend. Will just sits there, looking straight at the wall, breathing heavily.

"Will, did you see something?" Gabbie asks her brother. He turns to the both of them and nods his head. Mike and Gabbie climb out of bed and stand beside Will.

"What happened?" Mike questioned him. Will just sat there thinking for a moment, almost as if his brain was trying to forget it. But the now memory surfaced again.

"It was about Hopper" He said quietly to the pair. Gabbie and Mike both share a worried look. Knowing they would have to tell Mrs Byers.

"You have to tell mom" Gabbie said to the boy, and he sightly nodded. Gabbie and Mike helped Will out of bed as they exited the room. Gabbie looked insider her mothers room, but she wasn't there.

"Mom?" She calls out into the house, but nothing responded back.

"Do you think she left?" Mike questioned as the three of them continued down the hallway of drawings, trying not to mess them up, or even trip over them.

"Unlikely, she wouldn't leave us alone" Gabbie reasoned with herself hoping truly her mother didn't abandon them. They entered the kitchen with still no luck, they turned the corner into the lounge and all had a sigh of relief, finding Joyce sitting cross-legged on the ground facing the drawings on the wall.

"Mom?" Will said to his mother, she didn't answer. 

"Mom?" again, no answer. Gabbie looked at her mother, it looked like she was in a trance.

Will walked up to his mother and put a hand on her shoulder calling her name. It snapped her out of the trance as she turned her head and looked at her son, asking what was wrong.

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