Chapter 120: Try

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Evelyn’s eyes widened. She knew she shouldn’t be, but she was shocked by the vulgarity of Zayn’s words.

She couldn’t believe it. Seconds ago, he had been gentler, tender, and loving beyond her expectations, but now…? Zayn seemed to be fading back into the King, his vicious self.

She looked away and chewed at her bottom lip. Her heart sank a little. She thought his kinder approach was a sign of revolution, and it had led to a momentary weakness of her conscience. I am so fυcking stupid.  

That kiss was her first real step towards a path of unknown possibilities. She had fought hard for the argument of giving Zayn the benefit of the doubt, and when her better judgement lost for the first time ever, this was what had happened: typical.

A fraction of her wanted to laugh at her stupidity. Never forget what he had done to you, a monster like him will never change. Run, Evelyn. Run while you still have breath in your lungs and while your wrists are free of chains.

“I… I’m sorry,” he muttered under his breath, but he did not back away. He placed each of his hands on either side of her shoulder. His touch was not rough or forceful, but they contained her body against his. “Evie, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

She faked a laugh, but the sound shared more resemble a painful chock than it did joyful laughter.

She didn’t look up. “I guess you really do lust me more than you love me,” she said quietly and moved her arm across her breast so that she was partially hidden from him. The perishing bubbles and tiny petals did not offer Evelyn a sense of protection.

Zayn’s jaw clenched, and his breathing was heavy. “That is not true. Don’t you dare degrade what is between us like this! You know how deeply I care for you Evelyn, if I didn’t love you, I would be forcing myself between your legs right now. If I didn’t love you, then I would have plucked you from this bath and fυcked you the moment I saw your naked body glistening in the waters… You have no idea how much I am restraining myself, because I love you, so fυcking much that I don’t even know what to do with myself half of the times when you’re not around me.”

“I thought the fact I had bought you a gift would have made you happier than sex,” Evelyn spoke in a timid voice. “I guess I was wrong…”


“No, please, it is okay. It takes time for you to adjust and change. Since I am nothing but your whore, I will just perform my duties as I am supposed to,” said Evelyn, her voice was monotone.

She moved her arms, gently pushed away the mass of water, and trod towards the edge of the bath where a small basket of bottled washing lotions and bath sponges were kept.

Evelyn had her back to Zayn; hence, she did not see the pained expression on his face as she proclaimed her belief of her identity as his whore.

“You are not my whore,” he growled. The King’s eyes were dangerously dark and they foreboded the presence of evil within him.

“But you treat me like one.”

Zayn pressed his lips together, his face was scrunched into an expression of irritation, but he could not argue.

Evelyn felt the gentle waves of water brushing against her back. Zayn was approaching her. She reached for the bath sponge. The water was still hot and soothing, but her muscles were not as relaxed as they were minutes prior.

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