Chapter 5

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When we we're finished with lunch Bongki took me back to the office and told me he was going to pick me up from work to tell our families about us.
After I was finished with work today I waited for Bongki outside as I finally saw his car I got in
"Babe you took sooooo long" I pouted

He chuckled " Sorry today was really busy at work"
I just nodded my head and looked out the window feeling tired

As he finally pulled up to his house, we got out the car. We entered the living room and we saw Bongki's mom, dad, and sister there, my brother was also there as I told him to come to The Do's house after work.
As we sat down on the couch there was long moment of silence, Bongki was the first to say something.

"Well I know your wondering why we gathered you here and the reason is that Dohee and I wanted to tell you guys something"

Catching everybody's attention they all looked at us, his mother then spoke
"And what would that be"
"SHE BETTER NOT BE PREGNANT" my brother shouted out

I gave him a 'really bitch' look as I spoke up

"No I'm not pregnant dingus we wanted to announce that we are dating" I announced
They all looked pretty shocked and it was silent for a long while until Gukdoo had to open his big mouth

"Wait so Bongki is dating you" he asked pointing at me with a disgusted face
We both nodded
"Seriously Bongki over all the girls in the world you decide to date her" Guk Doo asked once again
Then I snapped back "yeah he is dating me ya gotta problem" glaring him down. He then put his hands up in the as he surrendered " damn sorry I was just asking" then finally Bongki decided to speak up
"Yes we're together and we also decided that we would get a hone together " once again everyone looked shocked.

"Wait how long have to guys been dating" asked Bongki's father.

"Ummmm 2 1/2 years" We both answered

"Wait 2 1/2 years you kept it from us that long" His mother spoke up

"Yeah sorry about that mom we just weren't ready to announce it at that time we wanted to keep it on the low just in case somethin happened between us" Bongki said while I was nodding along

"But now where confident that we are going to be able to stay together" I finished of

Then his mother spoke up "Awww Bongki my son thats wonderful to know, my son is dating a successful lawyer, ahhh I'm so excited to brag to my girl friends about this" she honestly looked so happy
"We also completely understand why you didn't want to tell us"
his father smiled at us as his mother nodded and so did my brother also finally congratulated us the only one silent was Bong Soon.

While everyone was celebrating in the kitchen, Bong Soo was still in the living room, I went over and sat next to her. It was quiet for awhile, until I finally said something.
"Hey Bong Soon are you okay" I looked at her but she stayed silent
"Are you mad at me, come on say something" it was still silent between us until she finally turned
to me and said something
" Why didn't you tell me before" she looked very upset
"We didn't want anyone to know just yet" I replied to her question
"You could have at least told me!!!" her voice started rising catching everyone's attention
"We weren't ready to tell anyone" I calmly said Bongki came into the living room with everyone else and he sat next to me taking my hand, then Bong Soon finally snapped

"I CANT BELIEVE YOU, YOU'VE BEEN DATING MY BROTHER BEHIND MY BACK FOR SO LONG AND DIDN'T EVEN DECIDE TO TELL ME, AISH I HATE YOU" as she finished she went to go to her room and left everyone shocked, and I who was silently crying.

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