Pre-Chapter// "They treat us as Monsters"

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Everyday, since the day you were brought here. It was the exactly same—the same schedule, same routine

Cabins were separated by girls and boys, and of course cameras inside of the doorways to make sure no one was sneaking in to the wrong cabins—more like jail cells.

That was your daily life— having the same damn routine everyday
the only thing kids looked forward too—was free time were kids would tell stories and such, being aware that cameras and guards were listening in to their every word. Free time was installed after kids started to go insane and the government had been terrified they could rebel, so they gave them thirty minutes to talk.

If you rather cut your ears off than hear the white noise that played which  only affected people with supernatural abilities
A horrific screeching noise, sounding as if someone was dying.

Kids didn't dare to escape, the uniforms had trackers inside of them, the gates would fry you the second you touch them and they would kill you in a instant. But neither-less many kids tried to escaped
And ended up being slaughtered.

Today would be no different,
But you had hope.
Because that was the one thing they could never take away from you, they could take your dignity and integrity but not your hope for one day this could all change
It will change

• Wake up at 5 am
• Line Up and Head to Breakfast by 5:05 am
• do chores (laundry, gardening, kitchen duty, and cleaning the bathroom are your only options)
• Head down time lunch by 12 pm
• Do Chores again
• diner time at 6:30 pm
• free time 7-7:25
• lights out.

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