Jeff The Killer Love Story

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Jasmine's POV

I walked down the hall of my school making my way over to my best friend Melissa. "Hey, You HAVE to come to Michael's Halloween party this weekend! You are going right?"

She asked panicking . "Of course I'm going I'm not THAT much of a loner." I Joked.

Well the rest of the day carried on like Usual..nothing special, But me and Melissa were going costume shopping oh yay.. Note to sarcasm.. Anyway I decided on being a skeleton, Well it was a cute short dress that went out at the ends with skeleton bones sketched onto it with some plain black converse and fishnets. It actually looked good with my short blonde hair and freckles. Cx

Melissa was being a vampire, like a dress similar to mine but it was red and black with flowers and swirl designs with red converse and fishnets. And it went perfectly with her long red curly hair and pale skin.

The next day we went to school and it was Friday. That's right, the night of Halloween, my favorite Night every year.. When school ended Me and Melissa ran and got changed into our costumes. Honestly, if I was a guy I would so date me..._. Awkward much?.... Lol anyway we made it to the party.

And let me tell you it SUCKED ASS but I stayed because Melissa was my ride home and I didn't have a car.. This was taking too long.. Thats it, I was walking. I walked out of the house and saw kids dressed up as fairy tale creatures and monsters asking for candy, and I always liked to see the kid's costumes because they were cute.

I didn't exactly know where I was but there were still a couple of people around, I liked to compliment people's costumes I liked. At one point down the street I saw a guy about my age walking by himself his face was pale to the color of paper, his lips were blood red and cut into a smile over his cheekbones his eyes had black rings around them, they appeared to be burnt off.

"Nice Costume." I said casually to the guy. "What? No, this is me." he said In a low creepy voice. It kinda scared me but I shrugged it off "Haha yea sure, but it looks real and amazing. See ya around." I walked off, just to get away from him that is.. I had this horrible feeling that someone was watching me, but it was Halloween night so of there was someone's eyes on me they were probably looking at my costume.

I walked a couple blocks down and with no one else on that street I still had that feeling, the feeling of someone watching me.. I turned around to see no one, but I was still scared, hell, I was freaked. I didn't even know where i was, and I left my phone at the damn party..

That feeling of someone watching me was scaring Me so bad it's not even funny so without warning, like the ninja I was, spun around real fast and I was horrified what I saw, I immediately vomited on the sidewalk and ran because there he was, the guy with the carved in smile with a mutilated corpse of a baby in his arms.

By this time I was hysterically crying, running as fast as I could, who knows where, all I knew I was getting the fuck away from him.

I finally managed to find my way to my house and I went straight to bed. I couldn't sleep though.. I kept thinking about him..he had a fucking dead child in his arms.. I cried just thinking about it.. But then I thought and when he said it was 'really him' I now believed that was his actual face.. And I wanted to see him again so I could ask about it..even if he is a killer, these questions were eating me alive

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