11:11 - Part 1

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  • Dedicated to Chelcie Adler, my editor and best friend

My phone beeped and I checked the message.

Were parked across the road c u soon <3 Iz

"Bye mum, they're here!"

"Where are you going dressed like that?" my mum raised her eyebrows as I walked down the stairs and towards the front door. Despite her comments I thought I looked pretty good. I was wearing grungy ripped tights, a blue and black sequined dress and black stilettos.

"I thought you were going to Izzy's"

"I am." I smiled

"Since when do you go to your friends' places looking like you're going out somewhere special?"

"Well, she said dress nice because," I had to think on my feet. "Her auntie is coming over" I thought harder "and, she wanted to go to a restaurant later to celebrate her birthday with Iz"

"Alright, well, here's some more money then." She seemed to swallow the story easier than a milkshake because she rifled through her bag and pulled out two fifty dollar notes.

"Thanks mum" I smiled as I walked out the door and headed towards the van.

"Hi guys!" I clambered into the back seat where I was met by Gemma and Izzy, Izzy's brother in the front seat.

"Where are Clare and Ashley?"

"They're at my place getting ready. They wouldn't fit in the car."

"We drove off and in five short minutes we were out the front of Izzy's.

We laughed up the pathway and into the house.

"Amanda's here! Come on, hurry up!" yelled Izzy up to her room

"I'm so sorry about the hassle, but my mum would KILL me if she knew I was actually aiming at something other than school."

"Don't worry about it!" Gemma was her usual happy self.

"Hurry up Amanda, we can't be late to our own gig!"

"We are just lucky that Ruby is there already to do sound check." Izzy said

"Sorry, sorry!" Ashley and Clare came running down the stairs

We all clambered back into the van. It was a tight fit with the guitars, but we managed to get in all the same.

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