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Cecil Borrow

Animal lover and Certified Bean (100% wholesome vibes guaranteed)





Cecil took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It's not that he was intimidated by the size of the large white house, it was more the people inside that freaked him out. He had always been awkward around girls. Even more so he had always been awkward around the fathers of said girls! He shoved his hands in the pockets of his light blue jeans and waited. The door opened quickly, Cecil being pulled into a large hug by his small girlfriend, Tara.
"CECIL! I'M SO HAPPY YOUR HERE!" She squealed. Cecil giggled and hugged her back, lifting her into the air.

"I never turn down an invitation! Especially when it involves a home cooked meal!" Tara's dark cheeks lightened up slightly. The black haired 25 year old pouted. Cecil knew she hated being lifted up. Her feet where barley off the ground, yet she pouted anyway. The white haired male kissed his partner quickly before setting her down again, leaving her in a flustered state.
"C-Ce?! What the hell?!" Tara crossed her arms. Cecil leaned down slightly and kissed the top of Tara's head.
"Are you going to show me in or not Chocolate Chip?" He asked smiling widely. Tara grabbed his arm and pulled him inside.

Alternative story for Cecil

Cecil held the small kitten close to his chest, leaning back on the couch. The creature let out a small high pitched mew that melted the white haired male's heart.
"Oh aren't you just the sweetest little thing? Yes you are my little Candy Corn, yes you are!" He cooed. The kitten let out another mew, Cecil in return let out a noise of affection. He kissed the kittens black furred forehead. He had named the kitten Candy Corn after seeing how cute the creature looked when it mistook the bowl of candy for a bed. Of course he simply called it Candy, as the kitten seemed to respond to it better. The kitten squirmed its way out of Cecil's grasp, causing the male to sigh sadly.

"Even the cutest things need some time alone, don't they Candy?" He asked, resting his head in his hand. The kitten jumped off the couch, looked back, and let out a third mew. Cecil smiled softly at the kitten as it wandered off to the back of the house.

This is one of the only done drawings i have of my characters

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This is one of the only done drawings i have of my characters. so take a happy Cecil. ~Grif


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