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Okay so I lied. I got too excited from all the support so I felt motivated to write another chapter. Thanks for the explosion of support you guys have given me. It really does help! In other news, Chapter 7 makes me want to delete my account and by extension, my literal existence. EVERY DAMN TIME I try to write ANYTHING it dissapears within an hour. I don't know what's happening, but chapter 7 WILL BE CORRECTED EVENTUALLY! Also, my comment section is one of the most interesting things to read sometimes XD, keep it up boys.


"Y-Y/N you can slow down anytime..." Velvet said timidly as Y/N scarfed down every food in his vicinity. After dealing with Blake, a very confused and broken Y/N awkwardly walked to the cafeteria to meet up with Velvet. When he got there she had half a table filled up with all of his favorite foods. As soon as he saw them he immediately snapped out of it and began to dig in. Y/N tossed a fry into his mouth before taking a big sip of water and replying to Velvet.

"You're number one right now Velvet." Y/N said pounding his chest. "I can't taste, but god damn this is pure bliss."

"I-I-I'm number one?!" Velvet stuttered. "Really?!"

"I haven't eaten in weeks and this is just what I needed. You're like my food angel." Y/N smiled as he leaned back in his chair. Velvet beamed with happiness as her ears began to twitch in excitement. "It's good to be back without that damn collar on my neck."

Y/N rubbed his neck as he could feel the scarring from where his head was blown off. Velvet eyed him carefully before speaking up.

"So what happened to you? You were gone for so long and everyone was utterly destroyed until we got word of your survival." Velvet said as she began to clean up the used dishes. Y/N took another gulp of water before helping her clean up and placing the used stuff on the trays.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you Velv." Y/N chuckled. "I literally went through hell and back. After a previous acquaintance stabbed me on that train, I fell off because of this damn collar. It nullified my semblance so my powers were practically useless."

"Then why did Oobleck blow the collar up? Couldn't he have saved you?" Velvet said earnestly.

"Well, sure. Yet I knew if he would've saved me I could've died for real. Adam is smarter than most people think and he recognized my weakness immediately. Without my powers I could fight but a lot of my strength was sapped. One stab wound and an explosion later and I was officially dead." Y/N rubbed the back of his neck as he continued. "You won't believe this, but a bandit leader decided to pick me up until I rejuvenated. Don't know how she knew I was immortal but she did. Next thing I knew I woke up naked and vomiting my insides out onto the floor."

"That's awful." Velvet said as her ears drooped. "I wish I was there. I could've helped you so much more!"

Y/N chuckled at the bunny girls reactions as he smiled back at her.

"Well, I don't doubt that. But you know what they say, ain't no rest for the wicked, and I'm as wicked as they come." Y/N laughed heartily as Velvet smiled at him. "It's good to be back with you Velvet, really. I missed our nightly conversation."

"Aw Y/N..." Velvet smiled as she reached for his hand. "I missed you...a lot. When I heard what happened I sort of shut down. It took me awhile to get back to normal honestly."

"Damn really? I wish I could've contacted you sooner." Y/N said sheepishly. "I feel bad now."

"You shouldn't be worrying over me. There's about three more people you should be way more worried about." Velvet said sadly. Y/N cocked an eyebrow as he sighed.

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