General Fiction - Wondrous Dinner

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Wondrous Dinner

General Fiction

Join us for this special ride on the Halloween Vault contest! We encourage all of you to get involved with the prompt below.


On Halloween, you find yourself sitting at the dinner table with three people who died. Unsure of how you got there, you proceed to get up but are pulled back down to speak to them. Who are they and what do you talk about?

 Who are they and what do you talk about?

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Deadline: November 7, 2019

Word Count: 500 words

Optional: Tag your story #generalfiction and #HalloweenVault2

Prize: Winners will be added to our Halloween Anthology, receive a shout-out and a Winners book sticker!

How To Join: You MUST fill in this form and you may share your link below.

Link to FORM

Best of luck to all!

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