Chapter 42: Old Friends

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"We had some fun last time we saw each other, didn't we?" he grinned sipping his drink seizing her up and down walking around her.

Isabella's knees were shaking, every part of her body frozen, her breathing fast. "Still have some good memories, and still want to make more." he stands behind her again.

"I was looking for you, you know, and you left me hanging..."

"You left me to die in the hand of your enemies." she mumbled coldly.

"But here are you alive, I outsmarted you. I knew they wouldn't kill a professional prostitute." he shrugged sipping his drink. "I knew you'd probably show them what you're capable of in bed and they would let you live." Without thinking twice the palm of her hand connected to the soft skin on the side of his face, regret sucking her immediately.

Shit Isabella. Shit.

Nico puts a hand just above his cheek with a diabolic grin still sipping his drink. He grabs her waist abruptly with one hand, his alcoholic breath fanning on the side of her face. "I might be in love with you, but I won't allow you to treat me like a fool, my Bella." his grip tights a bit more and she has to squeeze her eyes shut. "I just wanted to give you the world and you just needed to be good to me love. Yet you decided to betray me, didn't you? I was willing to marry you, who would marry a prostitute? Who?" he kisses her neck, inhaling her once addictive scent. He sips the last content of his drink then placing the cup on the ground.

" I asked you once, and I will ask again today Bella... "he sighed calmly." Who are you with?" Isabella is unable to reply only staring back at him in disbelief.

Bitch you kidnapped me
You raped me
You almost killed me

" Who are you with? " he asks again a bit more cautious Isabella flinched when he caress her cheek. "What does he give you that I don't? Is he better looking than me if that's possible? Uh love? Tell who are you with?"
Isabella swallows the dry hard lump forming in her throat, her hands getting cooler and shivers running down her spine. "So you don't want to speak to me, but you were able to slap me.." he nods glancing around, his hands balling into fists. "I will find out either way love, it's okay."

He goes silent for a few seconds shaking his head a few times. Suddenly he runs his hands wildly through his well combed hair letting a frustrated groan out. He grabs her face then finally speaking up, his face flustered with frustration and some other unknown feelings.

"I wanted to marry you, I love you. I never did this and I never said this, I never wanted this with any other woman." his breath is out of control and his words are enough to cause Isabella to burst into tears.

He's crazy

"I love you my Bella, I love you too much and and I just... -" Isabella watched with eyes wide open how he pressed his lips against hers, compelled to understand his behaviour. She couldn't blink. "But I, I will have to kill you." he finishes nodding at his own words. "If you're not mine you can't belong to no one else." he wraps his arms around her shaking shoulders closing the smallest distance between then holding her tightly.

Painful tears were rolling down her face as Isabella tried to understand what was really happening in that moment. Nico was crazy, that's for sure but she couldn't escape that situation, not this time.

She thought about how her mother would react when she heard her daughter was killed by the mafia, how her younger sister would grow up without a good example from her, how her and Leyla kept dreaming and imagining their future. She still had fresh memories from her first day at school when she was young, prom and her graduation in high school. She just missed how life was easy back then.

"I have to." he pulls away and sighs, eyes blood shot, with a dark cloud. He pulls a gun from behind the hem of his pants, bringing it up against her forehead watching how she silently cried closing her eyes feeling the coldness against her warm skin. Nico shook his head when Isabella shook her as well, eyes closed. "Don't cry, please don't." he pleads only making her cry even harder. "I said don't cry!" he says louder. "Don't cry Bella, Shut up, Don't cry!" he presses the gun harder against her forehead.

She wished she could open her eyes to see him, but she didn't have the courage to watch herself being killed. She didn't want to see him, she couldn't.

"Nico! Come on put that gun down." Isabella gasps opening her eyes.

Daniel, Yes!

"This is not your business Riccardo! Get out of here."

"You're drunk, you don't know what you're doing Nico! Put that gun down." Isabella watched Daniel approaching them cautiously, his voice neutral, eyes focused on the German.

"Stay out of this, get out this is not your business." he hisses pressing the gun harder into her forehead.

"Don't be stupid you're going to cause trouble! We're here for business and not scandal. This is not our territory, put the gun down."

"I don't care, she has to die, she has to. I have to kill her."

Isabella feels a click of the trigger, suddenly in slow motion watching Daniel tackling Nico down, ending up falling on top of him, the gun shoting in the air two times. Isabella screams stepping back watching Daniel trying to hold Nico down, unsuccessfully. Nico pushes Daniel off getting up frustrated.

"I told you this is not your business." Nico gets up mirroring Daniel looking extra annoyed.

"Run!" Daniel whispers glancing at her.

Still in shock Isabella freezes in her spot watching Nico trying to step closer to her yet Daniel pulling him back from behind again tackling him on the ground. "RUN!" Isabella snaps out of it running for her life towards the entrance, the yelling and fighting still audible from outside.

"Where are you going?" Isabella is sure someone asked, maybe a guard but she couldn't stop. She had to go, she had to disappear from that place. She runs until her head starts spinning, her eyes shutting so she was able to keep going.

Why did I do this?
Why did I came?

She bumps into someone finally opening her eyes scared, she flinched when she felt a hand in her shoulder.

"Hey, it's me, Where were you? What happened?" Isabella's eyes close with tears when she tighten her arms around him the alarm on his face was enough.

"Shit! We have to leave now." he pulls her along with him watching some men coming out of the house holding guns.

They're looking for you Isabella.

Why did you have to come.

Isabella watched how Valtteri tactically followed a different path so they wouldn't be seen, but only one thing came to her mind.

He's still inside.

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