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Seren leaned against the window and stared out across the field toward the woods where Liam, Zain, Caine, Derrick, Kate and a few others had disappeared to hunt. Her eyes had healed, but were weak and gave her a head ache to strain to see too far or focus for too long. Gloria had given her some pain killers and they were helping. 

After that kiss, he had drawn her to her feet and held her against his chest for a long time without saying a word. It had been a blistful moment of stillness where the world had even stopped for them. Then he murmured into her hair that he had to go hunting and she stepped away, not bothering to ask if she could go with him. It would be too risky and too soon. 

Now she was sifting through all the turmoil within herself. There was an irrefutable connection between her and Liam that would not stand to be ignored. He wanted to keep her with him, wanted her to be a part of his pack, to stay, and though he promised her some freedom, she wasn't sure it was enough. Was it fair to never be allowed out of the territory? To be smothered?

And then there was her role as Luna, should she accept it. She didn't know the first thing about leading people and making decisions for the whole. Seren's decisions for safety always included running the opposite direction. All Liam seemed to want her for was to have his offspring and she did not want to do that any time soon either. How would any of this work? But did she really have a choice now? He could just command her to come back if she left. 

Seren huffed out a breath and squinted her eyes to scan the tree line again. This time she saw movement and made out the shapes of Liam's hunting party returning. A few minutes later and they were clearly visible, most of the men shirtless with blood staining their mouths and chests, making them look like wild creatures. Caine and Zane each carried a doe and Liam, at the front of the group, had a giant buck draped acrossed his broad shoulders and though it must have weighed several hundred pounds, he carried it effortlessly. 

As they got closer, children and other pack members streamed out of the house to cheer on their warriors and to see the quarry they had returned with. Liam smiled happily down at them, allowing the kids to touch the deer's legs, the blood around his chin making him look chillingly predatory, though he wouldn't harm a hair on any of their heads. He glanced up at his bedroom window where Seren watched, as he had a few weeks ago when she had first arrived, and grinned adding a cocky wink. 

Now he had resorted to trying to openly flirt with her!? She thought he needed knocked down a notch.

Seren turned away from the window, trying not to smile. Wasn't it time to exact her revenge on him for spanking her? She left Liam's quarters and padded downstairs with the throngs of people, sneaking up behind Gillie and grabbing her sides so she squealed like a piglet. 

"Seren!" she gasped. "You are okay!"

"Of course," Seren smiled. "Did you doubt me?" She wanted Gillie to trust that she could be safe around her, to know that she wouldn't let any harm befall her. 

"Not even for a second!" she declared. "Alpha is back! Mommy said he got a big deer for the feast!"

"He did! I saw him. Do you mean dinner?"

Cara chuckled, resting her hand on Gillie's shoulder. "No, Luna. Liam has roused up a real feast in celebration of your Initiation. Now, everyone will celebrate that you also saved Gillie's life and recovered your sight. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for her. If you ever need-"

"Cara," Seren interrupted softly, laying a hand on her shoulder to comfort her as her eyes grew watery. "Please, I did only what anyone else would have done for her." Nervousness twisted in her stomach, coupled with an irritation at Liam for not telling her. Just thinking of all those eyes on her made her stress out.

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