The watcher

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Megatrons pov
I watched as the Autodogs pet human walked out of his den. My attention was focused on a human female inside. She had h/l h/c hair with a/c skin. But what caught my attention was the huge scar on her face.

After watching her for 2 days I decided that I should confront her. Just imagining how scared she will be when I talk to her and take her as the Deceptidogs pet makes me laugh.

Heading back to the Deceptidogs side of the shelter as the human calls it, I see Starscream staring at the Autodogs.

This was confusing as he says that watching them is pointless and a waste of time. "What are you doing Starscream?" He jumped as I spoke to him. The coward. "Ahh master... it appears the Autodogs have a new human pet." He wasn't pleased to see me and it showed clearly in his voice "Mind your tone Starscream, remember who's in charge." He coward away. Pathetic.

Looking at the Autodogs I see something that leaves me speechless, there is the human. Her scar clear even from this distance.

Rage fills me as I see Optimus lick her scar. How dare they, she was meant to be my new entertainment. I growl with frustration as the old medic places his paw on her face.

After hearing you explain how you got your scar.

Interesting. She has no cariers and is injured. The little Autodogs runt is laying in her lap and enjoying her soft touch. Jealousy ignites in my spark... wait why am I jealous of a pup? I will be able to take her more easily now.

For the rest of the morning she plays with the Autodogs chasing, hiding the usual. But I won't admit it but her laugh is quite cute. The way she runs on those strange human legs of hers is very amusing especially when she trips. She grunts in pain for a moment then gets up again and continues with what ever she's going is doing.

"Lord Megatron are you alright? You have been watching that human for the whole morning." Knockouts voice snaps me from my consentration. "Yes... do you remember how I told you and the other Deceptidogs that I would choose a human to be the nemesis's pet?"

A smirk forms on the mechs face. "Of course my lord." I pointed my paw in the direction of the human who was currently being chased by the wrecker.
"That human. I have chosen her. She is very interesting and is able to defend themselves ."


"Give tempest back right now Jack or else!" The human was chasing the oldest of the Autodogs pets around their den, a toy animal in his hand. "Come and get it." He screamed back

I was sitting across the street watching the events unfold. This I a waist of time. Just as I got up, the human girl ran in frontof the boy and tripped him. Expertly and quickly pulling his arms behind his back and pinning him to the floor.

She laughed and said "Jack you should know by now that I hate you taking my stuff." "Sorry Miko dared me." She let him go. They both burst out laughing.


"She has quite a nasty scar." Knocked stated. He always looks at appearances. "But she looks fitting to be a pet sir should Breakdown and myself retreated her." "That would please me but I must wait. She should first learn of our race and get attached to the Autodogs then it will be all the better."

I will wait and when the time is right I will tear her away from them. It will be the perfect revenge. A evil smile formed on my face. Until then I will watch and wait.

Ratchets pov
Y/n is a very interesting human. She doesn't swam to be afraid of us even though we are larger than the common dog.

"Optimus... do you think y/n will be afraid of us when we tell her we can talk?" Bumblebee said. "I don't know but if what the children have told us about her she should not judge us on our appearance." Optimus is right whenever they talk about her they always say how understanding she is, and how much she hates it when anything is judged by species and so on.

She came and sat down next to me. My head just a few centimeters from her hand. Reaching out she started to stroke my back. She did it slowly and carefully making sure not to startle me. My tail is definitely wagging thank Primus every one other than Optimus has gone inside. "Well I think I found your scratch spot... don't worry I'll only do this when the others aren't around. You don't look like the kind of dog that would like your soft side shown."

This human really knows how to give an old medic a scratch. At least she won't give me one when the others are around. "Enjoying yourself old friend?"
"Yes I am Optimus." If I didn't know better I would have sworn he laughed.

No ones pov
Optimus leaned down and sat next to you. Slowly extending your hand you asked for permission to stroke him, accepting your offer he placed his head on your lap. You began to stroke his back cause his tail to start swaying back and forth.

Ratchet had never seen the prime like thi since before the war, but here he is getting stroked by a human girl. Chuckling Ratchet just continued to enjoy the feeling.

"Y/n~ y/n where are you. I want to play some music." Shouted the all to familiar voice of the rebellious teen. "Sorry boys, can't tell Miko no when she's had a whole day of school." You stood up, dusted yourself off and shouted back. "Alright but I'm not playing it to loud I don't want to frites Bumblebee."

"Please don't play the music too loud  y/n. And please can you play something else than Mikos music." Bumblebee said as he,Miko and everyone else came up the hill.

You stopped dead in your tracks and looked at him with a curious look on your face. The other Autodogs just sighed and Ratchet slapped hi paw against his head.

What they didn't expect was your reaction. "Well that proves that then. You definitely aren't ordinary. It's alright Bee don't look so scared... can someone explain things to me.... in what's going on."

Jack walked up to you and said "Well Y/n these guys their a advanced species of canine that can talk and also talk telepathically... they are also called the Autodogs and they are at war with the Deceptidogs. And we are kind of involved with them and the war."

"..." He tried his best to not look uncomfortable by your piercing e/c eyes. "When were you going to tell me?" "Right now actually but Bee beat us too it." Replied Raph.

You smiled kindly and looked at them all with love in your eyes. "Well at least I'm not the only one that has something to confess... even if mines only from last night." "What do you mean?" Butted in Smokescreen

You gave a nervous laugh and said "Well I had a dream last night that involved a giant glowing god wolf that is the god of the dogformers called Primus. Who told me that I was different and that if I'm ever scared or in danger I must go to the waterfall in the forest."

They all stared at you, mouths open and eyes wide.
After a long awkward silence Bulkhead was the first to speak. "How is that even possible?"

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