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It was almost 4'o clock in the evening, Namjoon entered the empty Library which was echoing with the thuds of books which were being arranged by the Librarian. The Hall was scantily lit and a drop of sweat trailed down Namjoon's shiny forehead as he loitered his eye balls from left to right, he seems lost or may be searching  for a lost object. He treaded slowly without disturbing the Librarian  who was still busy in his work. He quickly tip toed to walk past the Librarian and let out a sigh of relief  when he reached the last row of book shelves where he was supposed to meet the girl. "Namjoon!" A voice whispered loudly and he turned back with a smile  recognizing  the owner of the voice, "Did you bring it?" Asked Namjoon, "yes!" Answered the girl. "What for are you waiting? Open it and read... soon... before he finds us here."
The diary which was stolen by the girl belonged to Ashley, a shy , introverted girl who seldom  speaks with anyone. Namjoon always had a  crush on Ashley and never got a chance to exhibit his feelings towards her.
                                     One day when Ashley was at the library, reading books for her creative writing competition. Books were piled on her hands and when Namjoon hurriedly walked past her, they both collided and the pile of books shattered down on the floor. On Namjoon's astonishment he could see a photo peeping through a diary which was fallen on the floor as well. He could clearly claim that the picture was his and when he squinted his eyes to see through the flipping pages of the diary which revealed a part of the picture, Ashley in a millisecond  picked up the diary and rushed out of the library.
                                                            Namjoon was puzzled  and was really curious to confirm that it was him in the picture,  so he bribed Ashley's classmate to steal her diary and Namjoon could not wait to open and confirm it with his own two eyes.

His hand were moist with sweat and the diary slipped between his sweaty fingers, he quickly wiped his hands on the sides of his pants and tried opening the diary, the girl beside him ran out suddenly making him jerk off. He frowned at the running girl but saw another frowned face in front of him.
It was Ashley staring at him with her gentle piercing eyes, he handed over the diary and smiled scratching his head and tried to escape her trapping stare but she caught him from the sleeves of his shirt and gave a pleasant smile which melted away Namjoon's heart like chocolate.
That gesture  marked the beginning of their beautiful  Lovestory.

Namjoon and Ashley, the book worm couple.

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