Short part

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I bit my lip. I heard someone walk in and lean against the door frame.

"you ok?"


"so I heard ur phone ringing. I glanced at the caller ID and saw 'casey'. May I ask who this 'casey' is." i grinned.

"nope" I said. He scowled at me. "I need you to go with me" his smile faded.

"go where?" I bit my lip. He took a step closer and grabbed on if my hands. I looked down and tried to pull away but he held onto my shoulders. I began to cry. He pulled me closer and hugged me. I let myself go. I just cried and held him close.

"to the funeral" I sobbed. "but I don't know if I should go" some how he understood my even though I was practically choking on my sobs.

"why wouldn't you go mass?"

"he sent me away. He sent me away" I looked up at Joe and then burst into tears again.

(sorry it's short I have home work and I'm working on two other stories. Check out "can't trust you/me?" and also "living in hell" thanks and luvya)

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