Chapter FiftyOne- Packs Be Gathering

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Chapter FiftyOne- Packs Be Gathering

August 2nd: Waning Gibbous

    In the morning the group and I made our way to a nearby town where Haden managed to steal us all some clothes. It was nice to be wearing something again, but the smell on the shirt I wore had a faint mildew scent that wouldn't seem to leave me alone. Everytime I took in a breath through my nose it would be there and all I could do was hold myself back from gagging. Then again I shouldn't be complaining. As they say, beggars can't be choosers. 

    Once we were all clothes and ready to go, Lockheart told us where we could find a pack that might be willing to help. They weren't too far away, but I wasn't feeling so confident after Lockheart gave us a warning saying not to make any sudden movements when they examine us. I didn't know what examining us would entitle, but it didn't exactly sound like the most pleasant thing in the world. Either way we really had nothing to go off of besides him so there wasn't technically a choice in the matter. We were going there and that was the last of it. 

    Andy and Courtney were heated in discussion which usually wouldn't have concerned me, except they were standing very close to one another. I'd thought Andy wouldn't go after Courtney again, but I was beginning to have my doubts. Things had always started out like this. 

    "Yo," Joseph said, coming to walk beside me. "I think I know what Lockheart was trying to get at earlier with his 'no sudden movement' deal." 

    Raising my brows, I motioned for him to continue. "Well, as far as I know this pack we're going to is pretty isolated. They've taken more to their animalistic instincts which means they're going to less civilized. I don't doubt that they can help us, but when it comes to them measuring us up, we'd better not do something reckless." 

    To be honest, I was a bit worried on this whole meeting other packs deal. I'd always known there were other packs in the country, but I'd never come into contact with any besides Lockheart's. Usually we kept to ourselves and didn't do anything to make ourselves known. Most of us in the pack would rather pretend we didn't have the capabilites of turning. So, the possibility of one of these other packs knowning us was very slim. Not to mention we won't have a clue what we're dealing with. 

    Most other packs have alphas and all of that, but we'd never been into that kind of thing. Then, there were situations like this pack we're going to meet with where they stay away from the human world. Who knew what wacky ways they go by. 

    "Joseph, I've asked you this before, but how do you always know all of this stuff?" I looked over at the person in question, seeing the look of surprise written across his face. Bingo. 

    As he tried adverting his eyes, I caught his arm, stopping us completely. I was tired of excuses and fake answers. Joseph was hiding something from me - from all of us - and it was time we found out what it was. 

    "Seriously, you can't keep hiding things and pretending like you have no idea--"

    "I see their camp!" shouted Andy. 

    Sighing in aggravation I let go of Joseph and went to where Andy and Courtney were standing. A little off in the distance I could make out smoke obviously coming from a fire and with it the smell of burning meat. 

    "What are we supposed to do? Just walk up and say 'hello we're here to get help with fighting an evil vampire'? I don't think that'd be the best plan of action." I could always count on Andy for that kind of bleak insight, but I had to admit he was right. We couldn't just stroll into the place and we certainly couldn't do something bad to get their attention. We'd have to plan this out some way it wouldn't seem awful. 

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