Chapter six

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I walk out of the school agitated and I had to my car when I hear a voice calling my name. I look over my shoulder and I see Grayson running towards me.

" Where are you going, you can't just leave school." Grayson caught up to me and grabbed my elbow and turned me towards him. I look over his shoulder and see that Dylan is walking towards us.

"Yes I can, you're not the boss of me!" I yell back. "Just please let me be, I need to go." As I try to pull away his grip tightens.

"No, tell me what's wrong!" Gray raises his voice. Dylan put a hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down. "Dude chill," Dylan directed his attention to me and seen that I was struggling to get out of Grays hold. "Gray let go of her arm."

Gray never took his eyes off of me as he let go of arm. I took the chance and turned around and unlocked my car. Dylan came up beside me. I slowly turned my head to look at him. His eyes pierced mine searching for an answer.

Looking away I sighed. "I'm sorry but I need to go." I say in a strained voice and got in my car and drove off to the motel.

Grayson POV
"Something is up and I'm going to find out what." I look at Dylan and he sighs.

"I know what your thinking." He says and dangles the keys off his finger. "Let's go."

"Do you think that she is Megan?" Dylan asks. "I hope not but if she is she has a rude awakening." I reply.

We drove for about 10 minutes and I see her car in a motel 6. "Now why the fuck is she there?" I ask. Dylan looks at her car and back at me.

We park a couple of spots down from Elle's car, and we wait.

An hour goes by with no sign of her. As we get ready to go to the front desk she walks out to her car and grabs her book bag and a textbook and she goes back into her room.

Elle POV

"Shit I forgot my bag." I say to myself. I casually walk out of my room and grab what I need from my car. Once I close my door and lock it back I set my stuff down and go to the bathroom.

When I walk out I hear a knock at my door. Adrenaline started to course through my veins. My face drains of its natural color to be replaced with white.

Quickly I open my drawer next to my bed and grab my gun. "Fuck, they found me, they are going to take me back." I whisper to myself. Another knock comes pulling me out of my frozen state.

Slowly I walk to my door, gun in hand I look through the peep hole. Putting my gun in my waist band a sigh of relief escapes my lips, it's just Dylan and Grayson. I unlock my door and open it just enough to where you can see half my body.

"Can I help you?" I ask. Grayson pushes the door open, and I stumble a bit because it caught me by surprise. "Dude what the hell!" I yell. Dylan comes in and shuts the door and locks it. Oh shit.

I start to back away right into the dresser. The cold metal of my gun presses against my back. "Why are you backing away from us princess?" Grayson steps forward.

Come on Elle you're supposed to be a badass. I mentally hype myself up. "How did you find me?" I inquired.

They look at each other and grinned. "We followed you." That simple answer made me really uneasy but I mustered up some courage. "Y'all need to leave." I say.

"Not until you tell us why you are staying in a motel 6." Dylan answers. "You don't know me and I don't have to tell you anything, now get out!" I clench my fist and step away from the dresser. Ignoring the pain that shot up my hand.

"You said that you moved here by yourself, why is that?" Grayson steps towards me, I once again back myself up to the damn dresser. Why do I trap myself? Suddenly I remember that I changed into shorts my hand instinctively try to cover my scars.

Grayson sees that I did it. Fuck. He looks down. I quickly take my chance and run into the bathroom. As soon as I try to shut the door Graysons shoe stops it just in time.

"Shit" I push the door hoping that I can keep him out when Dylan joins in and they shove the door at the same time.

That knocks me down. Quickly I try to cover my thighs again. They both scan my body. "Elle what are you doing get up." Dylan says. I get up slowly still covering my thighs. I walk out and sit on the bed.

"Just leave me alone." It came out in a whisper. Grayson stands in front of me and removes my hands from my thighs.

They both stare at the marks I made. Grayson was the first to look up at me. "Why?" He chokes out. And just like that he turned angry. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSE-"

Dylan grabs him and turns him toward him. "Dude you need to calm down you're scaring her." Dylan says softly. Grayson doesn't even look at me.

"YOU DON'T KNOW ME OR MY PAST, YOU GUYS WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND, I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE!" I shake with anger as tears roll down my face.

The door slams and Grayson leaves. Leaving me and Dylan alone. I look up at him and meet his gaze. "I will be right back do not go anywhere." Dylan sounded hurt but angry so I did what he told me to do.

The door shut again but this time it wasn't slammed.

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