When Arias come to action

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Sam didn't plan it, well, not directly tho... She was out, trying to make sure all the Arias estate are doing good but when a certain brunette caught her eyes. The lady Arias decided that maybe her top quality, very expensive and super comfortable carriage is not the best option for today.

She decided to walk.

Maybe she did walk a little too fast to catch up with Alex but it was not something she can control. The brunette maid makes her do things she never does.

Like accidentally putting salt inside her tea instead of sugar... Or trying to go to a formal meeting with unmatched gloves, messy hair and her bedroom attire.

Honestly, whenever the brunette comes into her mind, Sam lost her ability to think rationally. The noble lady doesn't know if this is something good or not but as lady Arias was close enough with the brunette maid, she cleared her throat loudly, gaining the brunette's attention.

"Lady Arias!", Alex said in surprised.

"I told you to call me Sam, Alex."

The maid blush a little when she recalled her encounter with the noble lady a few days ago.

"I...I thought you were only being polite, Lady- I mean, Sam!"

Samantha's lips curl up at the cute sigh of the stuttering maid. Where did she get the courage to link her arms with the brunette right at that moment? She would never know but the noble lady keeps her straight face as she steps closer into Alex's personal space.

"Arias would never say something they don't mean, Alex. Well, Lord Bernard is an exception tho... He is 98% snake after all."

"What makes you said so?"

The noble lady couldn't help but sigh. Great, she just spilt one of her secrets so easily to the brunette.

Might as well as get it all out.

"He sold his part of the family share to Sir Frederic and lost half of his fortune to Sir Killian through gambling. That snake then would come begging for help from me. If I refused he would bother Ruby at her school. It is frustrating!"

Alex is the one chuckling now. She also doesn't know where she got the courage but the maid dare to softly cup Sam's cheek with her hand and her thumb cherishes the noble's lady face with such care.

"You know a fine lady like you shouldn't frown like that. Smile, Sam... The world is a little brighter whenever you smile."

Very taken back by the sudden affection, the usually calm lady blushed.

Sam bite her lower lips as she looks down at the ground in embarrassment.

"How many women have you said that to?", she question.

Weird...Thought Alex but then the brunette maid merely grin.

"Only to one that really amused me."

Not really sure the word one there is a singular or plural, just for this once Sam would like to convince herself that the one Alex was talking about is her.

Little that she knows, she is indeed the one the brunette maid is talking about.

To be honest, the noble lady is the first woman that ever made Alex feel this magnetic attraction. It was as if they have a hidden link between them. Tied to each other with a red string.

The string of... Fate? Love? Destiny? Alex is not sure.

Sam didn't say anything back instead the noble lady just laced her fingers with the maid. Ignoring the prying eyes around them as they walk along the road. No word was said. The two simply enjoying the presence of their partner.

Stopping in front of a small flower shop, Alex stop her steps, gaining a confused look from Sam.

"I need to get the roses my master order for his wife.", the maid explains.

Glancing at her pocket round pocket watch, the noble lady knew she needs to get back to her business now.

"I also need to check up a few shops before night come."

The noble lady sigh. She doesn't want to but this is her responsibility as the head of Arias.

Alex senses the disappointment in Sam's eyes.

"We will meet again, you know that.", said the maid as she holds Sam's hand a little tighter.

Smiling at those words, the head of Arias couldn't help but grin. She nods her head a little too eagerly.

"I know.... Until we meet again, Alex."

"Until we meet again, Sam."

The head f Arias kiss the back of the maid's palm before bowing politely and walk away from the scene.

A huge smile is craved on her face.

Alex watched every step the amusing woman take until couldn't see her anymore.

Samantha Arias... You are truly a wonder to me. , Alex thought.

Ten steps away from the maid is a girl with her arms crossed. Zoe wonders when the brunette would remember her existence. She was walking with Alex when the noble lady come.  Alex seems to completely forget about her. Not wanting to ruin the moment, the little maid had been walking silently ten steps away from the lovebirds.


Okay, who thinks that the shows might... Make supercorp a reality in season 5? Or does anyone know a spoiler?

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