Chapter 7: Visit To Jess's

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Tyler's POV

"Tyler!" Winter shouted from the doorway, hurriedly putting her shoes on, "We need to go NOW!"

Ugh... I silently sighed to myself...

Today we were heading to Jess's house so Winter could pick up her book manuscript that she left a couple days back and so Jess and I could talk about moving in together.

I knew that I had to fallow through with this, I kept reminding myself I can't be stupid about these sudden feelings. I love Jess and we've been dating for two years, one girl that I've only known for about a week cannot simply throw those two years out the window.

But I would be lying if I said I didn't have the urge to burn my house down and have it rebuilt which would conveniently allow me to live with Winter longer...


"Jess! Babe, we're here!" I announced, pushing through the front door to be welcomed to the amazing scent of autumn candles and pumpkin spice.

It wasn't as amazing as Winter's pine and books scent though...

"BABY! I missed you soooooooo much!" Jess exclaimed, running into my arms to plant a huge kiss on my lips. At the last second I "accidentally" swerved my head to the side so her lips caught more of my cheek.

I looked over to Winter and she had this unreadable expression on, sort of distancing herself away from the situation.

"ALRIGHTY! Let's get this started! I have the house plans in the kitchen so you can fallow me babe," she started, tugging on my arm, "Oh and Winter? Dad wants to see you." Jess added, looking over her shoulder to Winter.

"He isn't my father." Winter seethed, her body slightly shaking with her knuckles curled so tightly, they were turning white.

Everything went quiet.

Startled by her reply, I looked up hoping to catch a glimpse of her eye, to ask her if everything's okay, but she was already walking out.

"That's Winter for you... Anyways, let's go pick out kitchen tiling!" Jess gushed with so much enthusiasm, I wanted to hurl.


Tyler's POV

"Jess? Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah babe, go ahead." She said, contemplating which yellow should be in the kitchen, when honestly, I preferred the light blue that was in Winter's.

"I was just wondering, uh-uhm where is Winter's mother?" I stuttered, attempting to sound natural.
She tensed.

Her eyes were still furrowed in confusion but her grip on her pencil became tighter. Her once slouched, relaxed back was now rigid and flexed.

"She-" she hesitated, "She's dead."

I whipped my head up from the wall chipping book to look at her with a shocked expression on my face.

"Wh-what?!?" I exclaimed, completely taken back.

"She died when winter was 17." She replied, her always cheerful voice was now replaced with something I couldn't detect.

"What happened?" I asked, wanting to urge this conversation- no, needing to urge this conversation forward.

"Tyler..." All of a sudden, Jess's voice got warningly low.

Her body was completely frozen now.
She looked up at me with eyes that told me I was crossing boundaries, eyes I've never seen before.

I dropped the conversation after that, and got back to looking at paint chips.

Winter's POV

"What did you want?" I asked in a monotoned voice to the man in front of me that some people would call my father.

He was nowhere close to that title.

"Honey ple-"

"Call me that again and see what happens." I threatened, my hand starting to clench and my body taking a defensive stance.

"-Winter. I'm sorry. Ple-"

"Stop!" I ordered, slamming my hands down on his table, causing his coffee to spill all over his documents.

"I am sick of your apologies. I don't want your sorry's' or your excuses, You can keep them. I am only meeting with you to organize her memorial, that's it.

"I am on the verge of breaking and I haven't broken in 10 years! Imagine all of that rage... So do it. Push me. See what happens, father, because I am a loose bolt hanging by the last screw just waiting to come undone, and when I do? I will not have control over my actions so help me God, Do. It."

"I-I understand." He sighed, reaching up and attempting to get his documents away from the staining brown liquid.

"I was thinking that you could..." He started, trailing off a bit.

"Get to the point Henry." I deadpanned, already sick and tired of the conversation. My hands were shaking and I wasn't sure how much longer I could last.

"I was hoping you could p-perform at the memorial." He finished, looking up from his desk to me.

"Violin?" I asked, already knowing what the true answer was

"Dance." He replied, his eyes tired pleading with mine.

I wanted to say no. Hell, I was going to say no. He knew all the pain I was going through, knew all the sleepless nights and the therapy (both physical and mental) that I had suffered through...

...But then he also felt my pain.
He's done his fair share of AAA meetings and emotional therapy sessions and without even thinking, the word just rolled out of my mouth.


Tyler's POV

"We are leaving." Winter declared, entering the kitchen where Jess and I were talking moving plans.

"O-oh. Okay." I stuttered awkwardly, trying to act like I didn't just hear her whole conversation with her father through the house.

"I-I'll call you, okay Jess?" I said, moving towards the door.

But not before looking over my shoulder and adding, "I was think for the kitchen wall, sky blue." And shut the door behind me and Winter.


The car ride was HORRIBLE.

Every conversation I tried to start, Winter was shutting it down like the plague.

When we finally arrived and she went to open the door, I quickly pulled it closed and looked over at her.

"Why don't you ever open up?" I asked, annoyed by the way she was acting.

She chuckled.

"So many people have told me to open up, but not a single person understands
That everytime I pry apart my rib age releasing all of my butterflies," her voice got lower, almost a whisper.

She was on the verge of cracking and was starting to tremble slightly.

I strained my ears just to hear her.

"They are too busy swatting them away
To realize what I've done for them..."

And with that, she opened up the car door and stepped out, leaving me there in the passenger seat speechless.

So I apologize for such the late reply but yall know the drill with mock trail lol it consumes me... anyways, I did heavy revisioning on this chapter so it didnt 100% suck and yeah just let me know what you guys think! should I continue? I have so much saucy saucy things I wanna write about ;)

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