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observation report

Date of Observation:     August 16, 2012

School:     Sagay National High School

Subject:     English

Grade/Year Level:     Third Year

            As I observe the class, the topic was about idiomatic expression using participle. Through the use of visual aids, the teacher delivers her lesson effectively. The topics were written in a manila paper and there was legibility in the content because it can be quickly and clearly understood by students sitting at the back. There was experiential learning that happens inside the classroom and one of the reasons was that, students interact on the learning materials that the teacher provides. The teacher let her students read every detail in the visual aids, actually what was written on the visual aid were questions for the students to be answered.

            Many of them were raising their hands to answer questions and it simply indicates the student’s attentiveness, eagerness and understanding. As I closely observed the student’s simple gestures, it was inevitable for me to conclude that they were interested on the lesson. The focus of their sight was merely on the teacher and the learning resources, and some of them were frowning maybe it’s because they were very doubtful or dissented about the answer of their classmate. Those simple gestures of students were the indication of attentiveness, eagerness and understanding.

utilization of teaching aids

Year Level of Class Observed:    Third Year

Date Of Observed:     August 16, 2012

Subject Matter:     Idiomatic Expression Using Participle


Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used By the Teacher:

                                                                                                                The inquiry approach was used as a teaching approach. Inquiry is a recursive, ever revolving process driven by the learner’s ideas, questions and purposes for learning begins with personal connection.

Teaching Aids Used



Comments on Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids Used

     Visual aids 

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