Fire, but Kev didn't light it

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It was still light when we left Gran's and I'd insisted we stop by our apartment's so I could get changed out of my grass covered clothes, though Kevin didn't seem to understand, apparently I looked fine the way I was, a comment that earned a blush from me.

"I'll only be 5 minutes" I said, pulling myself out of the car and shutting the door, he wound the window down to look after me.

"You better be, or I'll come up and annoy you, I'm great at annoying people until they do what I want" Kevin called after me.

I laughed as I entered the complex and started up the stairs, it was so quiet up here, I reached my door and fumbled with my keys, it was only when I heard a bang come from inside my apartment that I noticed the smoke furling out from underneath the door, long dark wisps.

"What the fuck" I whispered turning the lock and shoving the door open.

My lounge was on fire, raging fire and it was spreading very quickly to my kitchen, the heat seared my face and I found myself stuck on the spot unable to move from where I was standing as I stated long and hard at the hot flames. I could hear screaming but there was no one else around, my face was wet and I didn't know if it was from tears or sweat as I continued to stare at the all consuming fire, my hands began to shake.

Another bang had me coming back to my senses and my eyes flickered towards Kevin's apartment, his whole life was in there, all his gear and his computer, if the fire spread to there it would be a disaster.

I reached out and fumbled with the fire extinguisher, pulling the pin and aiming it I pulled and sprayed as hard as I could towards the fire, coughing a spluttering in the heat and smoke, I didn't know how long past but the fire was being tamed a little, I could have sworn I heard someone yelling my name.

Kevin's POV

Was that smoke? I stepped out of my car to look over the roof and sure enough there were smoke and flames, was the Leliana's apartment? I moved to run, to pick up my phone and call the fire service as I did so but I heard sirens before I could even dial and the truck appeared swerving madly around the corner towards me.

Several men and women jumped out shoving me back and out of out the way.

"My friend is in there!" My voice was the wrong octave and I could tell by the way my heart was beating that I was panicking. 

She'd been gone over 5 minutes, well over, which was why I'd looked out the window to begin with, but what if she was stuck in there unable to get out? I tried to force myself forward again but they held me back as they stormed in and up the stairs. All I could think about was her all alone in her apartment afraid, or worse passed out from smoke inhalation, or worse... Already dead. I gulped and my eyes burned and it wasn't just from the smoke.

Leliana's POV

It was so hot and the fire extinguisher was dead I turned and stumbled out of the door way, spinning around as my knees hit the ground and shoving the door shut as hard as I could, that would keep it contained for now, had anyone called for help?

Before I could fumbled and find my phone 3 firefighters appeared in front of me, one reached down to help me up while the other swung the door open to fight the fire.

"Wait, please, keep it away from that apartment!" I pointed to Kevin's place.

"We'll do our best miss, it doesn't look like it's too much out of control"

With that I was rushed down the stairs which I could barely even step on and dragged outside, he tried to drag me further but I shoved him off, clutching onto the side of Kevin's car and catching my breath, the cool early evening air washed over me and I was flooded with relief.

"You need to be checked by medical professionals" The man said indicating towards the ambulance, "I assume this is your friend, can you make sure she gets checked please?"

"Sure" Kevin's voice, I looked up and met his eyes, he stopped a little and reached a hand down holding my chin up so I wouldn't looked away from him, "Are you alright?" tears dribbled down my cheeks.

"I.. I tried to stop it Kevin, with the fire extinguisher, I tried to stop it from spreading to your apartment" He looked shocked, completely shocked, "And I think I did, I'm so sorry if anything gets ruined I ju-"

I didn't get to finish because he reached out immediately and gathered me into his arms holding me tightly against his chest, it was so suddenly I almost forgot to breathe. It was the first time he hadn't hesitated, I breathed in his familiar smell and rest against him, wrapping my arms around his middle, his rested his chin on my head.

"I don't give a shit about the fecking gear, Leliana" His voice was shaking, "I was only worried about you, there are a million other PCs in the world that I could buy, that gear is replaceable, but there is only one of you" He sighed into my hair, "I can't believe you came face to face with a fire and that's all you could think about, don't I make it clear enough that I care about you?" He pulled back to look down at me.

"But it's your job, you love making videos and gaming and your fans would be so sad, I just kept thinking of how sad you would be if it were all destroyed" I stumbled over my words.

"And you think I wouldn't be sad if you'd been killed?" It was the first time he'd mildly risen his voice when speaking to me and I winced a little, "Lily" He looked away from me, his voice soft, "My work isn't the only thing I love in the world, okay?" His cheeks were flushed.

"I'm sorry, Kevin" I whispered and he pulled my head gently back into his chest.

"It's okay" He stroked my hair gently.

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