Chaper 38

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~Andy's POV~

He had caught up to me a while ago and now we were holding hands as we walked down the path.

I hadn't told him where we were going yet, I wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted to see his face when I showed him the tree and told him how I had found it.

So we just kept walking, swinging our clutched hands together in time with our strides.

It was a cold night, yet with his hand in mine and him walking beside me, it felt as hot as a summers day.

The path was just as I remembered, worn out and overgrown. Mostly dirt and slightly hard to find in the night light.

However, we managed not to get lost along the way which was a bonus.

Eventually we reached the base of the hill and I stopped to look at him.

Andy - "We're here" I said and dropped his hand.

He looked slightly confused and looked around to our surroundings, trying to figure out what was so special.

I laughed at the expression plastered on his face and he looked back at me.

Andy - "It's up the hill silly" I said, still with a smile on my face.

He gave me a look which I felt like translated to "of course it is", which made me smile so much more.

Andy - "Do you trust me?" I asked.

He didn't hesitate to answer.

Rye - "With my life."

I felt another smile creep up onto my face.

Andy - "Good. Then close your eyes" I said and handed him a blindfold.

He hesitated for a moment but I gave him a pleading look and he put it on.

Once he had it on and I checked that he couldn't see I grabbed his hand once again and pulled him up the hill.

Due to my poor warning skills, he tripped up a few times but he never took the blindfold off. It was touching that he trusted me so much.

Eventually we reached the top of the hill and to flat earth.

Rye - "Can I take it off yet?"

Andy - "In a minute, I promise"

I led him over to the tree so that he could get a good look at it.

Once he was in an okay position I let go of his hand.

Andy - "Stay there for a minute and don't you dare touch that blindfold Beaumont" I said.

He then smirked that oh-so famous smirk of his.

Rye - "Yes sir" he said an fake saluted me like a soldier would.

I smiled and shook my head at the stupidly beautiful boy a few meters away.

Andy - "On the first day I came to school I saw you. I'm pretty sure I fell for you right then and there. When I opened the dormitory door to find you sat on the bed it was as if my heart stopped. Everything seemed to be right. Then we had music together where I heard your voice for the first time. From then on I fell more and more for you, not ever knowing if you would return the favour,"

I looked at him as I spoke. I could see him trying to find the right words to respond with but I didn't let him speak,

"The first time you brought a girl back the the room I broke. I told myself I shouldn't be surprised, not everyone is gay. But I still loved you then and it only grew with the more time we were together. I spent that night laying in Sonny's bed thinking of you. Then the night after you took another girl back to our room,"

I stepped closer to him and took his blindfold off,

"That night when I went for a walk and found this tree,"

I gestured to the tree over my shoulder,

"It was here where I realised I loved you."

I turned back to him.

"And now here I am, with you. With the one I love. And it's so crazy to feel like this with someone I've barely known for a week, yet I do. And although it's crazy, it's true. I'm completely and utterly in love with you. And I brought you here to show you the place where I realised that."

Now I stood in front of him, holding both of his hands and staring into his eyes. He didn't need to say it back, I could see it in his eyes when I looked at him. All that I saw was love.

Andy - "So, what do you think?"

Rye - "It's beautiful," a small tear slid down his cheek, "just like you."

I blushed.

He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me.

Rye - "I love you too."

I smiled into his shoulder.

Andy - "I never doubted it"

I pushed him away slightly, went on my tippy toes and placed my lips on his...

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