The Autodogs

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Not my art

A/n alright guys just need to say that my dogformers can talk telepathically to each other and humans if they do desire. But they can still talk and prefer to but they can't have humans running around screaming how they found a talking dog. And Bees a puppy 🐶.

Smokescreens pov
I was chewing on my favorite toy all alone in the main room. Every one else had gone to the fields to enjoy the sun. But I didn't feel like it so here I am chewing a toy. By now I'm very bored. Tossing my toy to the side, I got up and stretched. Feeling a satisfying click I stood upright and was about to go outside. Half my body out the door I hear a creak from the room.

Must be agent Fowler. Wonder what this is about now agh. Walkout back inside who I see isn't Fowler. A human femme stood there. Inspecting her appearance I see she has lovely h/l h/c hair and skin/colors. She appeared to be a bit shorter than Arcees human Jack but still taller than Bulkheads Miko.

Looking at her face I see a huge scar stretching from her right side forehead to the edge of her lips. She has Sparkling e/c eyes that are filled with something I haven't seen in a long time. A mixture of nervousness and excitement. Sniffing the air to get her scent what I smell is amazing. She smells like a spring flower field with a little bit of honey. It's not too sweet and not too strong. Wow this femme smells good.

She looks around the room taking in every detail but fails to notice me. A fun idea comes to my mind (see Arcee I can have ideas). Running at top speed towards her I jump and knock her backwards. Her face is filled with confusion and shock. She looks into my eyes and I look into hers. She isn't screaming or trying to get me off just looking at me. Smiling I lean down and begin my licking attack.

She starts to laugh as my tongue comes into contact with her scar. It feel strange but her laughter makis me want to make her laugh forever. It's the cutest I've ever heard and the best thing is that she's ticklish. Agent Fowler walks in and chases me off of the cute femme. "What was that for she was clearly enjoying it!" I mentally moan to him. "Because she is injured on her Che's and you just jumped on it!" He screams in my head

"Ok ok yeash no need to yell."
He helps her up and June comes inside assisting. "Are you ok y/n?" She asks. So her names y/n, it suits her. "I'm fine don't worry I'm not hurt. So what's his name?" She looks in my direction a smile on her scared face. Her voice is so beautiful and its filled with care and curiosity."That's Smokescreen and he's the most energetic of the bunch. He's also a prankster and always up to trouble."

Ouch but he has a point. She slowly gets up and says in her pretty voice,"Hi Smokescreen my name is y/n and I'm going to be working here from now on.

My jaw drops. She's going to be working here. A human. Yeah I know the kids come here but only on weekends and after training (school). But this girl is going to be working here. Yes yes I leap into the air. She starts laughing again. Fowler calls to me in my mind in a irritated tone " Where's Prime and the others?" "Outside"

he looks at y/n and leads her outside. "Come on kid the others are outside."
Her eyes practically lit up. So cute~

I follow them outside and lead the way to everyone else. They are going to be so excited to meet her. I barely know her but she is definitely a good human. Bees gonna be so happy that there's a new human.

Arcees pov
"Bumblebee get back here right now."
He keeps on running away with my bone. Jack got that for me just yesterday and Bees already made it his mission to steal it in order for me to chase him. Jumping over a very grumpy Ratchet. "Mind it!" He screamed at us.

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