Why Prabhash Karan Guides Us to Let Mother Nature Take Over

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Not to take the title too literally, because Mother Nature has already taken over us with us being born and the natural course of life taking over. What really means is that we need to embrace what we are made to do. He believes that by believing in Mother Nature, we will be able to come to terms with the purpose that we are supposed to serve. Humans are often seen going through episodes of anxiety and depression due to the same reason that we are not able to figure out what we are here in this world for.

Prabhash Karan, in his book, , states that if we wish to be successful and at mental peace, we need to just let nature take over and guide us. He shows his disappointment in mankind's love affair with procrastination. He believes that it is extremely toxic to let laziness comfort you and give you the illusion that you are doing fine. That is a momentary pleasure that can further lead to a lot of regrets. The Indian engineer, computer scientist, author, and sociologist has himself presented several examples of what he means by keeping our body busy and working constantly. Not only has he written several pieces on social engineering, but he has also shown his prowess in multiple languages too. However, his specialty is that he is able to lure in his readers to his message through simplistic writing.

He is, however, correct to quite a large extent. The human body was never made to rest. Our ancestors from billions of years ago were hunters and gatherers. And though now we do not have to exit our caves to chase down a zebra for dinner, it does not mean we keep our mind and body idle. There are different tasks to get through today, maybe even more. There are so many things to do, whether in terms of occupation or socially. However, we choose to sit on our couches and have our phones give us comfort. When we suddenly are dawned with this realization that we are not reaching our full potential, we are quick to descend into sadness.

However, it would be absolutely bizarre to suggest that you have to be working 24/7, you do deserve a break, and a little binge on your favorite TV shows here, and it is perfectly acceptable. But it is completely different when you make it a lifestyle. In a world where our streets, homes, and other structures are filled with people lazily scrolling through social media, message for the people is to start finding meaning in work again.

"A busy man is an easy man! To be happy, one must have something important to do, something to accomplish, something to look forward to. So, do something, do anything—just don't do nothing! ... A working man is an enjoyable man; an idle man is a miserable man. One does evil enough when one does nothing. An idle brain is the devil's workshop. Happiness comes when one is busy and fills one's leisure time intelligently. When you do "good," you feel glad. On the contrary, when you do "bad," you feel sad. Busy people are active people. They are dynamic, thriving, and happy to live twenty-four crowded hours a day. They keep themselves so occupied that they barely have time to consider whether they are happy. Nor have they enough time to consider whether they are unhappy. Active happiness comes from activities. One study indicates that working mothers are happier and healthier than stay-at-home mothers. ... Happiness thrives in occupation. While we work, we do not worry much; we are of a mindset where we just do what we need to get done. It is almost an intuitive thing. Work is worship. Thank God it's Monday! by 

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