Oikawa x reader

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Examinations are over.
I'm extremely happy right now.
I decided to make a new chapter coz I haven't been updating for quite a long time lol.
This chapter is like the kenma x reader chapter in this book.
This chapter will consist of mulitple scenarios of you dating Oikawa.
Enjoy!! :))
Part of the story was from FeniceFelicia

When he wanted a hug:

Both of you were inside your room.
You were doing your homework and your boyfriend, Oikawa, was laying on your bed. Your boyfriend felt really bored waiting for you finishing your homework. You were too busy because the teacher gave you and your classmates lots and lots of homework...

He called you with a cute tone.
"I want a hug."
He sat on the bed,opened his arms and gave you a cute pout.
"I'm busy."
"Aww... Just one..." He whined.
You stood up from the chair and gave him a hug which made Oikawa really happy.

The brunette pulled you down on the bed with him and snuggled his head into the crook of your neck.

"O-oikawa -kun," you shakily said, "what're you doing?"
"(Y/n)..." he lazily mumbled. "Let's stay like this for a while..."
"But I have home-"
"Just 5 minutes please."
You replied with a nod and hugged the boy tighter.

A few minutes of comfortable silents passed.

"I love you."
"I love you too Oikawa-kun."

5 minutes turned into hours as the 2 teens fell asleep in each other's arms.

When he's jealous:

(A/n: (R/B/N)= Random Boy's Name)

(R/B/N)  has a crush on you but you had no idea about it. Your boyfriend, Oikawa, knew about this ever since he met him.

One day (R/B/N) invited you to have dinner at a fast food restaurant.
You saw him as a friend only so why not?

While Oikawa beside you, was realising a dark aura.
He immediately changed it into a bright smile then said, "(Y/n)-chan~~ can I join you?"
You gave him a 'duh' look, "of course you can, come on."
"Yayy!!" He cheered while hugging you.

Time skip...

The 3 of you finished ordering your foods. You ordered a cheeseburger and a soft drink. The 3 of you sat down beside the window. Oikawa was beside you and (R/B/N) was accross from the both of you.
(R/B/N) then started a really funny conversation and burst out laughing.

Again, Oikawa started realising a dark aura. This time, scarier.
He hugged you tightly that you couldn't move. You gave him a 'what the heck' look.
"Hey," he said with a scary low voice to (R/B/N).
"Y-yes?" (R/B/N) answered with feeling a bit scared.
"(Y/n)-chan is mine. You have a chance to run now."
(R/B/N) was super scared that Oikawa will beat him to pieces with his tall body. He ended up saying nothing and left the both of you.
"Really?" You gave him a flat expression.
"I'm sorry, (Y/n)-chan. I just don't like him," he said while pouting.

When you're jealous:

Of course, Oikawa had lots of fangirls thanks to his good looks.
You were trying to approach Oikawa but you couldn't because he was giving autographs to his fangirls.
You were very upset that he chose to be with his fangirls rather than spendikg time with you. You stood there staring at them. You were bored so you decided to walk away. When you wanted to walk away, Oikawa noticed you and called you.
You were mad and you looked away.
You walked away and Oikawa chased you.
"(Y/n)-chan, what's wrong! I didn't do anything!"
You suddenly stopped.
You looked at him.
"I'm mad that you chose to be with your stupid fangirls rather than being with me."
Oikawa stared at you and gave you a smile.
"Awww... you're jealous aren't you," he teased you.
"No, I'm not!!" You said and blushed.
He then hugged you tightly and kissed your forehead.
"I'm sorry, (Y/n)-chan. I'll promise to spend more time with you."

When you're sad:

You were crying at your room beside your boyfriend.
(A/n: idk wat reason it's up to u lol)

Oikawa was trying to calm you down.
"(Y/n)-chan please stop crying~~~"
You didn't answer him continued crying.

After minutes of crying an idea popped on his head. He took your phone, took selfies of himself.
He showed one of his selfies to you and you ended up laughing because of stupidity.
You hugged him and he lightly kissed your soft cheeks.

"You're such and idiot Oikawa-kun!" You laughed.

"But I'm your idiot aren't I?"


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