Pumpkins Part 3 - Sophiana

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a/n haha hopefully this is the last part of this one, or else this will end up being called "That Sophiana story and a few one-shots". So... yeah! Enjoy this one! 

When the eclectically dressed group stepped through the gates of the garden and out into the busy streets of the San Diego neighborhood. Sophie grinned as memories from her childhood flashed though her mind. Times when she had stood in this exact spot, gazing as she did now at the incredible decorations and costumes surrounding her. 

"Race you to that house, guys!" Sophie cried. Biana was the only one who reacted to her dare, and they began a mad sprint to the house. Sophie skidded to a stop in front of the cobweb covered picket fence, fumbling to unlatch the gate. Once she had it open, Biana pushed past her in a show of impish humor. Sophie gasped in mock offense and sprinted after her through the garden shrouded in mist and candle-lit jack o lanterns.

 Suddenly, Biana stopped. Sophie cannoned into her, and they fell giggling against the door, which appeared to be the reason Biana stopped so sharply. The door suddenly opened, revealing the faces of a cranky looking older woman with silver hair and stern eyes. She looked down her nose at the two girls clinging onto each other, their bodies shaking with laughter. Her green eyes darkened, and her jaw stiffened.

"Homosexuality is a sin." She said stiffly. Biana's eyes widened. Sophie rolled her eyes internally and waited for the cold fear that usually gripped her when she was faced with a stranger, especially an unkind stranger, directly addressing her. Surprisingly, instead of abandoning her, Sophie's courage swelled, compelling her to smirk and speak her mind.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but we're here for your candy, not your ideals." Sophie said. She maintained eye contact and tried her best not to laugh or smile smugly. The woman glared at them for a second before grumbling something under her breath and holding out a basket of chocolates.

"Fine. Take one." She muttered. They both took one and ran out of the yard. Once they were safely out of the garden, Biana turned to Sophie, her eyes questioning. 

"Soph... why didn't you just deny it?" Biana asked. Sophie blinked, confused. Why didn't she just state calmly that they were just friends?

"I... I'm not sure. I mean, Maybe because I hate homophobic people... but I always avoid confrontation." Sophie was genuinely puzzled. She had always made it clear that she hated homophobes, but she never confronted them as vocally and confidently as she just did. And was it her imagination, or did Biana look slightly disappointed in the pale moonlight?

"Huh. Well, I'm glad not many elves are like that." Biana said.

"Do elves have... I mean, is lgbtq+ a thing with elves?" Sophie asked. In all her time in the Lost Cities, she'd never seen a same-sex couple. Biana smiled and nodded.

"Oh yeah. I mean, there's not too many couples, but it's not too unusual. And it's not frowned upon too harshly any more." Biana said. Her beautiful eyes were soft and distant, as if she was reliving a beautiful memory.  Sophie swallowed, unsure of where this conversation was going but feeling the need to continue.

"I... I was thinking, actually, a while ago, about teal eyes." Sophie started. Biana tilted her head. "I always knew that I loved Fitz's eyes, that I thought they were the most beautiful things in the world. But when we said that we liked each other, something felt... off. Like, I was so close to something, but not quite in the right place yet. And now I'm watching your eyes like a watched his, and I keep thinking... what if it wasn't him I loved at all? He's kind and handsome and brave, but I can't picture myself with him for the rest of my life. I keep thinking... what if it was those eyes I loved so much? The eyes... the eyes that he shares with you. I keep thinking... what if it's you I'd like to spend my life with? What if... what if it's really you I like?" Sophie's voice trailed off. She looked at Biana's face, the little smile curving the corners of her mouth. Her teal eyes were wide and glittered with an unreadable emotion. "Sorry, I... never mind." Sophie mumbled. Her face felt like it had been dipped in Everblaze. 

a/n holy overuse of ellipses! Sorry about that! 😂

"No, Sophie, it's fine! I mean, it's not fine, it's better than fine, it's perfect, perfect like you—" she cut herself off, looking flustered. "What I mean is, I... I think about you every day. I ask myself what you would do, what you would think, what you would say. You are the one who keeps me optimistic and brave about our chances against the Neverseen. Without you, we would fail. One day, I think very soon, our world will crumble. The Lost Cities will shatter, and I want to be on your side of the divide. I want to be at your side, holding your hand, and helping you pull the elves back together and close the cracks in our society that have been plaguing us for thousands of years. You are the one who will either destroy or ameliorate us, but I trust you completely with that task. You are empathetic, smart, thoughtful, and beautiful inside and out. I know... I know that I want to be the one holding your hand for eternity." Biana said, her voice like a bell in the darkness, it's sound warming her from the inside, chasing away the cold, dark night. 

Their eyes met, chocolate and gold locked with shimmering teal. Then Biana leaned forward, closing the gap between them in a soft kiss. Fireworks exploded in Sophie's heart, drowning out all other noise in a cacophony of bliss. The one thing that got through to her ecstatic mind was a quiet 'yes! I told you!' and a quiet laugh. Sophie reluctantly pulled away just in time to see the shadows pull away to reveal a pair of boys, one with mussed blond hair and a mischievous smirk, and one with silver bangs pulled low over pale blue eyes. Tam and Keefe chuckled as they observed the shocked faces of the two girls standing in front of them. Tam flicked Keefe a Milky Way bar.

"You win, I suppose." He conceded. Sophie was miffed when she realized that the two had placed a bet on her and Biana. Keefe chuckled.

"Bangs Boy, do I ever not beat you in a bet?" He asked with a smirk. The smug grin vanished in an outraged squawk when Tam shoved him. The dark haired elf allowed himself a chuckle. 

"I love you too, you dark angel you." Keefe said, regaining is balance but just failing to recover his dignity. Before Sophie and Biana could react to that little bombshell, the rest of their group found them.

"There you guys are! Come on! We're wasting moonlight, and we have tons of houses to pillage — I mean, collect candy from!" Dex called, a wicked grin on his face that made Sophie quite concerned for the well being of those poor innocent adults. The group laughed and began walking towards the nearest house. Biana and Sophie held hands as they ventured into the darkness ahead.

a/n So! End of that little Halloween themed bit of madness. that last one was pretty short. Sorry about that. Hope you guys enjoyed, and sorry for making you wait this long. School is throwing a boatload of craziness at me because I'm getting over a concussion. Hope you guys are doing well!!!

Peace, love, and mallowmelt, my friends!

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