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~very short~

A decade later

Kara and Lena Luthor-Danvers have been married for 10 years and have a 6 year old daughter named Luna Elizabeth-Rae, a 2 year old son named Lucas John and another little girl on the way who they are naming Hope Amara. Kara now runs Catco even though Lena owns the company and is thriving as is Lena who still runs L-corp. Alex is director of the DEO and Maggie is captain at the NCPD and have a daughter named Meredith Amelia. Winn is still an agent and James has moved to becoming a traveling photographer. Megan eventually returned from Mars and her and J'ohn are happy. Alura still lives on Argo but visits frequently as does Eliza. Especially on days like today as it's Christmas and its one of the only days that they are all able to be together all at once. 

"Alright so the table is set, the food is ready and spread, decorations are perfect, movies and games are set up for later, drinks are chilled and ready to serve, presents are under the tree (They kept all their present at whosoever house they would be holding dinner so they could open them all together). Is there anything I'm forgetting?" Rattled off Lena turning to Kara for confirmation. 

"No, everything looks fine. So stop stressing please its bad for the baby."

"Okay. Fine." She said moving to sit next to her wife waiting on the guest to arrive.

Alex and Maggie were the first to arrive with a sleeping Meredith who they put in a room with Luna and Lucas as their mothers put them down for a nap before everyone arrived so they could be rested. After them came Winn, then J'ohn and Megan, and last but not least Alura and Eliza and by then all the kids were awake and excited to see their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. And they went on to eat, open presents, watch Christmas movies and it was when they were playing Life and Lena went to the kitchen on her way back she stood at the threshold of the living room looking at Kara try to explain  the game to Luna and Lucas, Alex and Maggie counting their money while keeping a never ending smile on Meredith's face, J'ohn and Megan looking as in love as ever and Eliza try to teach the game to Alura because even after 10 years she still had trouble with earth customs, she put a hand on her stomach and when Kara noticed and smiled at her she knew she had found the family she had been looking for her whole life who loved her and each other like she did. And what a beautiful sight it was.

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