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A/n couldn't decide on who to give what dress so you choose.

~the next day~

Kara and Lena woke up in each other's arms both of them checking their hands as if to see if it were real they were engaged. They stayed in each other's arms a little while longer before getting up reluctantly as they both have lives to prepare for.
While Lena brushes her teeth she hears Kara call from their bedroom:

"Hey, babe?"


"Do you think we should tell everyone today or wait for a little?"

Lena spits in the sink and replied: "We can do it today if you want."

"Okay, I'll tell them to met us at the bar say around 8."

"That works for me."

"Okay see you then." Kara enters the bathroom giving Lena a quick kiss and heading out the door.

~several hours later~

"Anybody else know why we're here?" Asked Winn.

"Nope." Replied via while john and James shook their heads

"I have an inkling." Said Alex.

"What do you know, Danvers?" Asked Maggie

"Not telling Sawyer?"

"Well, looks were about to find out." Said john as kara and Lena entered the bar.

"Hey, guys" They greeted.


"You are probably wondering why we called you here"

"Little bit"

"Well we would like to announce that we are engaged"

They all erupted into a roar of congratulations to the newly engaged.

"So how did it happen?" Asked Nia.

"It's a funny story actually we proposed to each other at the same time?" Answered Kara.

"What?" Alex asked confused.

"Yeah so apparently we both had the same idea to propose and popped the question at the same time," said Lena.

"You guys are literally a real-life romance movie cause that is the cheesiest thing I have ever heard." Exclaimed Maggie.

"Also we have decided that for the wedding that Alex would be Kara's maid of honor and Maggie would be mine." Said Lena.

"With Nia and James as my bride's people and Winn and Brainy as Lena's." Added Kara.

"Which leaves J'ohn who we like to walk us both down the aisle." They both looked at J'ohn with hopeful eyes.

"I would be honored." Was his response.

"Who's going to perform the ceremony?" Asked James.

"Cat is actually." Replied Kara.

"How did you manage that."

"Well, I knew she could as I was her assistant and we couldn't think of anyone else we would want to besides you guys of course but you have other roles to play."

"Plus when we called and asked she sounded more excited than us talking about how 'Keira finally womaned up.'" Added Lena.

"Yeah, I really hope she calls me by my name when we actually get married."

"You and me both because I would not want to end up married to a Keira by accident."

"Well, now that settled let's celebrate first round on me." Said Alex.

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