You/Lena Luthor/Kara and Alex Danvers - Spiderwoman

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Summary: They ask you for help

Prompt by: Rexburn12

You weren't sure whether or not the move to National City was a good idea. New York was so different and you would at often times get homesick. As much as you wished to go back, you just couldn't, not after what happened with MJ.

You've been working at Catco along Kara Danvers for the past couple of weeks and it's been an absolute bliss. She's been extremely kind to you and has even introduced you to her friends. She's the only reason why you're not on the first plane back to New York. 

It also kind of had to do with the fact that you might been harboring a crush on her along with Alex and Lena. It was nearly impossible not to have a crush on them. All three of them just had the qualities that you looked for in a woman. You could only dream to be able to go out on a date with the three of them. You knew Alex was gay but Kara and Lena were more than likely straight as a ruler. It sucked but you were okay with it. You were just happy to be friends with the three of them.

You were on your way back to Catco when Supergirl was thrown to the building besides you. You were shocked to see that the alien was just tossing her around like a doll and it made you want to step in before any more harm would come to the Girl of Steel.

It wasn't until you failed to see her get up that you should probably step in. You tossed the lunch you had in your hands and went to the nearest alley to change into the suit you had kept in any case of an emergency.

"Hey! Over here!"

You yelled, hoping to get the attention of the alien. You sighed in relief as he turned to face you and once he started running towards you, you realized maybe this had all been a mistake. You began to swing around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. You could tell he was getting tired so with some quick work, you tied his legs together and watched as he fell down. The web was built to withstand just about anything so he wasn't getting up anytime soon. 

Once he was taken care of, you rushed over to Supergirl, moving away the crown of people to check if she was okay. 

Just then, a couple a vans parked near Supergirl and a bunch of men and women came out of them, One of them, just happened to be Alex. 


She frowned, turning to face you after making sure that her best friend was taken back to the van.

"Do I know you?"

"I uh no. I have to go."

You swung all the way to your apartment hoping that Alex wouldn't dig in deeper to figure out your identity. 

Since you revealed yourself to National City, there had be a constant number of stories about asking why you suddenly appeared after disappearing from New York. You hated hearing all their crazy assumptions so you just turned off the tv and hoped they would forget about you.

Just as you turned off the tv, you hear a knock on your window. It was strange to hear it by the window so you just shrugged it off, thinking it was the wind. When it became insistent you realized that someone was actually calling for you. You went to open the window, only to find Supergirl floating outside your apartment. 

You popped your head out to see if she was alone and once you realized that she was, let her in.

"Supergirl, what can I help you with."

"It's you, isn't?"

"It's me what?"

"You're Spiderwoman. The one who stepped in to help me."

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