Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

Hi I am Izuku Midoriya. At the moment we are waiting for Aizawa-sensei to come. Soon he did. "You all will be getting partners since you will both have to pick someone to go to an internship. Before you even think of picking your partners I already have pick for you and a list of pros who pick both of you for this." I heard some people sigh knowing they already picked who they wanted to be with.

"When I say your names one of the two will pick up the list. Bakugou with Kirishima, Uraraka and Asui, Ojiro and Shoji, Aoyama with Mina, Kaminari with Mineta, Jiro and Momo, Sero with Iida, Todoroki with Koda, Sato with Toru, lastly Midoriya with Tokoyami." I was the one who got our paper and went over to Tokoyami. I handed him the list once I was close enough for him to hold it. "Huh we only have two people which is Hawks and Edgeshot."

When he said that sadly Kacchan heard. "Ha I bet no one wants losser like you two." I just sighed and looked back at Tokoyami. "What do you think we should pick." "I am thinking about Hawks will be better." "Ok." We did the questions that were on the paper before we handed it in.


It has now been a week and we are finally with Hawks. "Ok you two since the school said that things mostly happen to Midoriya then he has to share a room with me." He took Tokoyami to his room before Hawks and I went to his room. Of course I kinda was blushing but that wasn't really important. "This is were you be for the month your school letted you be here." "Ok."

He showed me where I could put my stuff and I put my things away. When I was done a question popped into my head. "Where an I going to sleep?" "With me on my bed." This just made me blush and tried to hide it from him. I then felt arms around me which I was stupid and took my hands away from my face. It was stupid but worth it I guess. That was because he started to kiss me and I returned it and felt lot of love within it.

Soon it turned into a makeout section on the bed. That kinda reminds me I will explain my quirk later that isn't One for All and some of it soon. "Mido-." "Call me Izuku." "Izuku do you really want us to do this." "Of course I do even if it is probably to early in our relationship." He nodded his head and we started the makeout again and during it started to take off our clothes. When that was done Keigo started to give me hickies.

Eight hours after they did the thing.

When I woke up I felt pain in my lower back, hungry, and a bit nauseous. Besides that I looked at Keigo and saw he was still asleep so I used one of my quirks. Which is to see if someone is pregnant, how many, gender all within the first whatever hours or minutes after doing it. Which of course I can get pregnant either way and nothing can harm or kill the child and or children. Oh and also I can use my quirk without affecting them.

Anyway once I checked I was kinda surprised but not that much. I am sad I can't heal away the pain at the moment. Oh well I think it is time for breakfast and tell Keigo the news. I started to shake him awake knowing it might take a bit. After a minute or two he didn't wake up so I started bouncing on him which he woke up instantly. "Finally you are awake." He held onto my waist after I said that. "Babe why where you bouncing on me." "Because I am hungry and want to tell you something."

"What do you want to tell me." He then sat up and carefully putting me on his lap while doing so. I just laied my head on his chest since I was sitting sideways. "I am pregnant with twins but don't worry nothing can hurt, kill and also my quirk won't affect them." There was silence until after he kissed my forehead. "I am happy you are and can't wait until we get to see our little ones." I smiled and then I felt like complaining after I did. "Nope don't complain babe since it is time to get you three food." I smiled and carefully got off his lap and realise I want to be carried instead of walking to get food.

I just looked up at Keigo that is now standing and looking at me. I heard him sigh and he just picked me up carefully to not hurt the twins. I smiled and then nuzzled my head into his neck. He then walked out to the kitchen and sat me on the counter. "Stay here and I will give you something to eat here and there while making breakfast." "Ok." When I was watching him cook I just put my right hand on my stomach and started to rub it a little.

Just to say it is calming for me to do so and well Keigo saw me doing this without me knowing be did. "You already love the twins that much do you." "Ya besides I get to be a mom with you the dad." What surprised me was he kissed me then the twins after I said that. "I will love all three of you no matter what don't forget that." "I will never forget that." We then kissed one another again but while doing it I wrapped my legs around him knowing that I was getting uncomfortable.

When we broke the kiss Keigo sat me on the couch then went back to the kitchen telling me I can watch anything I want while the food gets done.

Word count: 1014

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