Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

I hope I can convince the doctor to show a fake x-ray instead of the one they are going to take. "Doc can you not do this and well I want my quirk a secret." "Ok Midoriya." I was happy and we just walked a bit to seem like I was doing the x-ray and then we went back to my mom. "I am sorry but your son dosen't have a quirk since he has two joints in his pinky toe." I then heard my mom start to cry. After the was supposed to be bad news we went home.

I wasn't lucky tho. "Get in the house brat and don't come out of your room until I say so." This got me shocked. "Ok madam." I am afraid that if I didn't say that she would of killed me or hurt me. When she unlocked the door I quickly went up to my room. I kinda wish I saw this was going to happen today. Well time for you all to know what my quirk is. I like to call it dark angle. I can see the future, heal others and people and animals that died, teleportation, sight which helps me see in the dark better, wings, invisibility as well as see things invisible, cancellation, take other people quirk away forever, and edit to make things to have a drawback or not.

Now you know all of my quirks. Soon I heard my mom call me to get my ass downstairs so I did. "Good now go make food and for now on you won't be able to eat while I am eating unless someone else is here got it." "Yes madam will do." I then went to work on her supper. I am kinda thinking she won't let me eat either way. When I was done I quickly set up the table and told mom supper was done. "Good now sit on the couch until I am done." "Ok madam." I then did as she said.

I think it would of been better if I told her I have a quirk but I think it is to soon at the moment. So everyday after the appointment I did as my mom told me so. That kinda didn't work since my fucking right eye got burned by boiling water my mom threw onto my face after a week.

When Izuku is six years old.

So far it is the original until a burning sensation went onto my left side for my eye. I know that it ment that I have a soulmate and someone burned there eye. I thought I was going to be the only one for between soulmates to have a rough times when it comes to family. I sighed knowing that we are at least going to know we have a scar on one side of our faces.

Izuku nine years old.

That is it I had enough of not eating at home only at the hideout. It is finally time to show mom I have a quirk by killing her with it and to move into with my league that might have older people working for me but still. Right now it is midnight and if you are wondering at the moment the month and day then I will tell you. It is my tenth birthday. Anyway I got my weapons packed and the one that hasn't been packed yet I teleported it with me by my sleeping or was sleeping mother.

"Brat how did you get in here." I just gave her a crazy smirk before I killed her and got rid of all of the evidence. I then teleported to my new room at my league. If you are wondering the name of the league it is The League of Death. Yes I am the one who named it that. Anyway I went to bed knowing I need sleep for school tomorrow.


In the morning I woke up and got ready for school. I then went to the dining room just in time for Kiroji to set it and the other members to come and eat. "Boss how easy was it to kill your mother." "It was easy as I predicted." They already know I don't like people saying happy birthday to me. Either way we ate breakfast and I teleported to school which scaring some people. "Sorry." I then walked to class.

When I did get into the classroom Kacchan was about to hit me until I teleported to my seat. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHITTY NERD." Oh ya I forgot he saw me writing in a hero analysis and he thinks I want to be a hero when I am already a villain. Anyway soon people went around me and kept asking annoying questions. Somewhere what is my quirk and other quirk related questions.

Before I could even answer any questions the teacher came in. To tell the truth I didn't listen to any of the lesson since I was thinking of what my next villain act will be. Anyway I am kinda thinking I should drop out of school once I learn a bit about soulmates. That will be until my mission I made myself which is to go to UA so I can get rid of the heros faster. That reminds me that I have to start training again.

I think the school day went fast since it felt like an hour and the end of the day is here. Which I just teleported to my room when the bell rang. When I got there I started to practice my knife and combat to see how well I have been doing. Which I was managed to defeat all of the members within three minutes which is better then six minutes which was my last time. To celebrate how well I did Kiroji made all of us our favorite dishes. Either way I did help clean up so no worries.

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