Twenty-Seven: Bowling Dates †

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Scott and I decided to meet outside a small, local coffee shop in the middle of town at eleven. I was already on my way by ten to and hopefully, Scott would be there first. He said he'd be earlier – part of his gentleman rituals. And when I got there, mercifully, he was there already, a drink in hand and one opposite.

I took a seat opposite him, zipping up my leather jacket. It was getting a lot chillier now it was October and the athletic competition was coming up soon. I especially had to practice for that desperately. In any free chance I'd get, I'd practice. Coach Kate also informed she would be putting up more sessions to practice.

"Hey," I breathed, sitting down. I crossed my legs. "Is this mine?"

"Of course," Scott replied. "It's hot chocolate. I hope you like that."

I wasn't the biggest fan of hot chocolate, but I felt compelled to drink it willingly. I wiggled my head, picking it up and sipping it. It was still scorching hot, almost burning my tongue. I recoiled, planting the drink back down onto the miniature table. I crossed my legs and surveyed Scott's outfit: hoodie, jeans and worker boots. I was a sucker for any guy in worker boots.

"It's good," I complimented the drink. "Well done for the win yesterday, by the way. It was a great game." I can't believe I just brought it up keenly.

Scott nodded. "Yeah, although, I'm disappointed I didn't score a goal but I'm going to get chances. I really like soccer."

"Yeah, you will."

Scott gulped for a moment, sipping his drink. He cringed a little at the temperature of it as he set it down on the table. "Is there anywhere specific you want to go? I have some plans but I wanted to know if you wanted to go anywhere."

That caught my attention. "Yours plans are fine."

"Are you sure?" He chuckled. "You don't even know what they are."

I shook my head, smiling. "I bet they'll be fine."

A couple beside us got up with their drinks and scraped their chairs against the gravel. I winced at the noise before they began ambling down the street towards more shops instead of the direction of the college. The guy put his arm around the girl's shoulders and brought her closer to him. I could only watch enviously thinking that could be Jason and I.

I shook my head, proving to myself I wouldn't be like that. I turned back to Scott and he was watching me intently. He smiled broadly.

"I hate to be so forward, but that could be us soon, you never know," he replied.

I chuckled. "Come on, what are your plans then?"

Together we stood up, clutching our drinks in our hands. I let my sleeve of my jacket fall over my left hand – my drink was in my right – to protect it from the bitter cold weather. We ambled down the street, following the couple that had already left with their drinks as we kept up the small talk, chattering away mindlessly with one another.

We came up to a little bowling alley and Scott stood in front of it. Of course, the name was Al's Alley which was a little bit more creative than the photocopying shop name. I turned to Scott and attempted to suppress a chuckle, but instead I let it out. I was quite excited to go bowling.

"Bowling?" I asked. "Seriously?"

Scott nodded. "I thought it would be fun."

"It will be," I validated. "I can't wait, honestly."

Candidly, I was actually pretty thrilled to be bowling. I hadn't been bowling for years since it was never something my parents were particular fond of but right now, I couldn't wait. We entered, got the shoes and booked the alley. Scott paid, despite my insisting endeavours to try and pay only a fraction of it.

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