Chapter 2- A Vow Of Friendship

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Furea bumped into a girl with short blond hair and sky blue eyes. "Sorry!" Furea rushed. "It's okay." the girl smiled. "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" Furea exclaimed over and over. "It's really okay, I'm not hurt or anything." the girl smiled. Furea admired the girl. She was so beautiful and kind. "Are you here to audition for Akb0048 too?" the girl asked. "Yes! It's been my dream ever since I was a little girl! I really really love Sashiko! But I have to become greater than her!" Furea exclaimed. The girl stared at her. She blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry!" Furea exclaimed. "You're a really interesting person aren't you?" she laughed. Furea smiled. "My name's Tsubasa Kokoro. It's nice to meet you." the girl winked. "Tsubasa. It's a really heavenly name! You're so beautiful too. Ahhh...... Oh! Sorry.... I'm Furea Hoshina, it's a real pleasure to meet you!" she exclaimed in embarrassment. She never talked that much. Tsubasa laughed. Furea looked up and stared at Tsubasa with amazement. After a delicious meal Furea returned to her sleeping room. Tsubasa suddenly opened the door. She looked suprised. "Oh? You're in this room too?" Tsubasa asked setting all her bags down."Yeah." Furea said. Tsubasa layed down on her bunk. "Hey Furea?" Tsubasa asked. "Yes." Furea said. "Why do you want to join Akb0048?" Furea unpacked a picture from her bag. She sat down next to Tsubasa. "To become an idol was always my dream. You see..... me and my mother always watched Akb0048 Gorilla concerts together. Sometimes she even taught me how to play the the songs on her violin.I loved Akb0048 personally, and so did she. She was an akb0048 idol, and she graduated because of me. When I was five she died. When I became older I was diagnosed with throat cancer. The same cancer my mother died from. I was very weak and I didn't have any friends. But watching akb0048 made me feel like I could sing at the top of my lungs. However my father refused my dream. My mother's dream. The only thing that can help me see my mother again.No matter what I didn't let my father stop me. I still came." Furea explained. Tsubasa looked at her. She felt pity. "Well, I want to be apart of akb0048 because it also saved me. Back at home I was always bullied because I was the teacher's favorite or I was smart.My mother didn't care about me at all. She lit my house on fire killing my father. She always made me mad and sad. I know she doesn't love me. I soon became aware of akb0048. I watched all their shows and had all of their pictures. I began researching them and posting posters all over my wall. It was the only thing that comforted me when my mother hit me.akb0048 was my only friend. My supporter. Then, I realized my dream. I ran away from home to come to the auditions. Akb0048 is the only thing that is very precious to me." Tsubasa said. Furea began to cry."Why are you crying, you're a baby." Tsubasa said also beginning to cry. "You're crying too." Furea said. They hugged eachother and cried. Every hardship in their life came rolling down their cheeks in the form of tears. "Tsubasa. I'm really sorry for you. I really really miss my mother. I'm sure your mother misses you." Furea said in between tears. "I'm sorry. I'm talking about my mom when you've lost your own! I should be more grateful. This is so not mature." Tsubasa exclaimed in between tears. After a few minutes they both fell asleep in eachother's arms. Tsubasa woke up before Furea. She looked outside the plane's window. It was the akb0048 headquarters. "Furea! Wake up! Wake up!" Tsubasa exclaimed.Furea opened her eyes. "What is it Tsubasa-san?" She asked half asleep. "It's akibastar! Wake up! Wake up!" Tsubasa exclaimed. She shook her vigorously. "I'm awake now." Furea said ten minutes later. "Geez Furea-chan. You could really sleep." Tsubasa said. "Sorry. It takes me ten minutes to wake up everyday." Furea explained. "You really are an interesting girl." Tsubasa said. "Good morning Mom. Today is the auditions. Wish me luck, 'kay?" Furea said.Tsubasa only smiled. "Let's go." she said looking at a picture of her and her mom. They took their bags and left the plane. They were escorted inside of the building. A lady with purple hair and green eyes walked up to all the girls auditioning. "Hello to all of you girls auditioning for Akb0048. My name is Kaori Misaka, your manager. This audition will determine who will be the 73rd generation understudies. All of you girls passed the first part of the audition but the second part won't be as easy as a nice voice. Well then, freshen yourselves up and we'll begin training." Kaori said. "Let's do this." Tsubasa smiled. Furea nodded. They rushed to the bath house. Furea covered her body in soap and washed off. Tsubasa sat in the hot tub relaxing her body. "Hey Furea, about yesterday..." Tsubasa started. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." Furea said joining her. Tsubasa smiled. "I wonder what type of training we're going to do." Furea said grabing her towel. They all put on their clothes that was placed in lockers. "Probably, singing, no hardcore dancing." Tsubasa said. "You really think so?" Furea asked frightened. "Yep. My calculations never lie." Tsubasa said showing her glasses. "Okay, is everyone ready?" Kaori asked. Every girl nodded. "The final audition will be combat. Fighting is apart of being in this world. " Kaori said. "Combat? Is she serious?" Furea asked. "My calculations were wrong, for the first time." Tsubasa said suprised. "Everyone pick your signiture weapons. In the final test we'll use guns but for now use what you choose." Kaori insrtucted. Everyone rushed to the table to pick their supplies. Tsubasa picked up a hat accessory. She swinged it and knives formed on the hat. "Hat boomerang?" Tsubasa guessed. Furea found a microphone. "My weapon is always my mic! Wait what does this do?"Furea asked. She pressed a button and a blue light turned the microphone into a sword. "Okay, I see that you all picked weapons to your heart's content. Okay now pick your partners and attack. Machienes came into the room attacking. "Furea! Me and you right?" Tsubasa asked swinging out her hat. "Sure!" Furea said pressing the button. "I'll move first!" Tsubasa said. "Hiiiiiiiiiii! Ya!" Tsubasa said breaking one machiene. "Amazing!" Kaori said. "Furea switch!" Tsubasa exclaimed. "Yeah!" Furea said. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Furea exclaimed. She held onto the machiene's leg. "Furea what are you doing?" Tsubasa asked. "Trust me!" Furea said scared. "This girl is hopeless." Kaori said annoyed. Sure Furea was scared but she kept pushing herself. She remembered all the innocent lives that were threatened by DES. "You hurt all those innocent people and take their entertainment away.... That I could never forgive!!!!!!" she exclaimed. "Wow.. She just said one of those statements you see in magical girl animes. This girl is really somethin' special." Tsubasa said. Furea picked up the whole machiene. "Wow! This girl has great strength!" Kaori exclaimed. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yaaaaaa!" Furea swinged the machiene and crashed it into the wall. "How will I repair that wall!?!" Kaori exclaimed defeated. Furea ran to the machiene and sliced it in half. Even though the machiene was already broken she continued to stab the sword in it repeating, "Die! Die! Die!" "Oh! I wouldn't want to be that thing. Anyways well done everyone. You may get some rest. Be prepared for take off. Your final audition will be at gorilla concert. You must protect the members at all times." Kaori said. "Wait right there!" a girl yelled from the croud. "What is it?" Kaori asked. "So the members are just going to be singing and having fun on stage while we are risking our lives!?!" another girl said. "Being here is a privlege if you don't like it then just leave." Kaori said. The girls gasped and gave her dirty looks. Most of the girls called their families and left. Furea became very confused. "How could they just leave without trying?" Furea asked sitting next to Tsubasa. Tsubasa began to eat her food. "Some people are like that. I hope you aren't Furea. Giving up without even trying. You're my first friend. Please don't give up on your dreams." Tsubasa said sadly. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'll never leave you alone. I'll always be watching over you." Furea said. "That's a very nice friend you have. I wish I had a friend like her." a girl with green hair said. They looked to see who it was but the girl was walking away. They looked at eachother then smiled. Back at the bath house they washed their bodies and relaxed in the hot tub. "Hey, Furea...... can you promise me something?" Tsubasa asked. "Hmm?" Furea asked. "Promise me that you'll survive tommorow and that we'll be understudies together." Tsubasa finished. "It's a promise then." Furea said in a quiet voice. Tsubasa smiled. They put on their pajamas and got their combat outfits for tommorow. They boarded the Akb0048 ship. Furea floated to her section to sleep in. "Hey Furea, can I sleep with you? " Tsubasa asked shyly. "Sure." Furea smiled. Tsubasa placed herself right next to her.Furea held her hands. "Tsubasa you aren't alone anymore. That girl isn't either because I'll be there for all of you so if you want to be with me please don't hesitate to ask." Furea said. "Thank you." the girl with green hair said. "I'm sorry, I'm so weird. I always watch friends because I want one. I want to be friends with all of you. I will pass the test and we'll be understudies together. So please wait for me." the girl said. "I'll be waiting for you." Furea smiled. "I will also be waiting for you." Tsubasa said. The girl smiled then floated away.

The next morning Tsubasa woke up. "Furea! Furea! WAKE UP!" Tsubasa exclaimed. "Huh? Oh. Good morning Tsu,ba, sa." Furea said half asleep. "Wake up!" Tsubasa exclaimed."I'm awake." Furea said. "You really love to sleep don't you." Tsubasa teased. Furea smiled an awkward smile. They walked to the bath house. No one else was there or even awake. Furea covered herself in soap and swam in the hot tub. Tsubasa just talked to her. "Hey, let's go practice on our own." Tsubasa said. "Sure." Furea said. They put on their combat practice clothes and went into the combat room. "I rebuilt the machienes so they should work again." Tsubasa said. "Wow." Furea said. She took out her microphone and practiced her skills. "Okay Furea. Defeat every machine that comes at you." Tsubasa said. Furea nodded. "I'm ready." She said pressing the microphone's button. The sword formed. "One!" Tsubasa announced. One machiene moved toward her. "Haaaaa!" she said cutting the machine symetrically. "Two!" Tsubasa announced. Two machines came towards her. She dodged the attacks then thrashed two of the machines together and cut the two machines in half. "Three!" Tsubasa announced. Three stronger machines came at her. She couldn't dodge the attack this time. She was thrown against the wall. "Furea!" Tsubasa exclaimed. One tear slid down her face. She didn't want to give up. She got up again. All the pain she's been going through had to end here. She wanted to stand on a stage that she could shine bright and make everyone smile. Evryone enjoy the show. She got up slowly. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" She exclaimed getting all three machines at once. "Good job Furea!" Tsubasa exclained. She hugged her. Furea's body was hurting but she managed to smile. After practice they heard the song beginner. They both went to see what it was. It was the successors practicing. They put as much effort into their dancing as Furea when she was practicing combat. "I see. They aren't just singing and dancing. Their putting as much effort as we are. They want to make this the best show." Furea said. "You see? Those girls gave up way too early. I wouldn't even care if I lost my life for something I love so much." Tsubasa winked. Furea nodded. After practicing some more it was time for the final test. Sixteen girls filled the room. "Okay girls are you all dressed. The test will begin." Kaori said. "Go!" Kaori exclaimed. Furea ran behind a rock. Tsubasa was on the other side. They heard girls screaming and some crying. "I want to go home!" one said. "I don't wanna die!" another said. But Furea didn't complain. She was very weak and couldn't do much so all of this was a challenge for her. Her body ached. She didn't let a single cry out. She took her gun and started to shoot bullets!" The first machine was down. Seven more to go. Tsubasa threw her hat boomerang and shot the machine. Two down six more to go. The girl with green hair got in the front used her lipstick gun. Three down five more to go. Furea got up and ran to the machine. She sang beginner with the other successors and sliced the machine with all her strength. She looked at Tsubasa. A bullet was coming at her. "Watch out!" Furea exclaimed. She jumped in front of her. "Furea!!!!!" Tsubasa exclaimed. She was knocked out. Tsubasa killed the last of the machines. She ran to Furea. "Furea!" She exclaimed weakly. Tears ran from her eyes. One hit her eyes. Furea began to move. She opened her eyes. "Furea! Thank goodness. I thought, I thought you were gone." Tsubasa cried. "Congratulations you three. You are the new understudies." Kaori announced. Furea looked to see who the third one was. It was the girl with green hair. On their way back Tsubasa stopped. Furea looked back. "Tsubasa-san?" she said confused. One tear slid down her face. "I don't want to be alone anymore. I want to make more friends and have more fun. I don't want to be alone. To tell the truth I don't really like combat fighting. All the weapons are so scary. I don't wanna be alone." Tsubasa said, allowing herself to cry.Furea put her hands on her cheeks. "I won't leave you alone. We'll be friends forever."

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