Chapter 1 - Home Sour Home

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Chapter 1

“Are you ready Lady Kallisto?” One of my warriors, Damion asks me as I fix the hood over my head to cast a shadow on my face. I smiled affectionately at him.

“Damion, no need for the titles. I am not like those in my home land. You know that by now.” I smiled back, chuckling a little. “Yes, I am ready. We may depart now.”

Carrying my bags holding few clothes and weapons. Yes weapons. Oh, there are obviously things you don't about me. I will clear some of them up for you.

I hide my appearance from all people. Since my mother died I did. I was too different from others. I looked exactly like my mother, I was just a smaller version of her. I have gifts, they range from the elements to telekenises to shapeshifting. I can cast spells, heal. I have tattoos adorning my skin. Complex designs that decorate my shoulders and glide down my arms to the back of my hands. Script writings run up my back in two columns and wrapping around my waist. Tattoo's frame my eyes and forehead, almost like a tiara. Across my chest is another tattoo. But these aren't painted on, these are my birth marks as such. Although... they appeared when my mother died...


“Mummy! Don't leave me! Please!” I wailed clinging to my mother's sweaty neck.

“Kalli, my love,” my mother whispered to me. “You are very special. Not in the way you think though. I named you after the daughter of the King Arcadia. Kallista; “most beautiful”. And Diona; “the goddess”. And by all that will know you, it will be by Pandora – 'all-gifted'.” Her voice was getting weaker. “I Love You... My Kallista... Most beautiful...” And with a soft sigh between a smiling mouth, she past away.

I let out a wail of pure grief and rage. My body started to light up and I felt a ball of power being unleashed inside of me. Something clicked inside of me. I heard footsteps coming down the hall and quicly grabbed up a small cloak, pulled it on, covering all of my tattoos and my face.

The door opened and there stood my smirking father.

~End of flashback~

“Kalli... Kallista!” I heard the voice before my vision cleared. I was standing stock still eyes closed, head down with my fist clenched until I thought my knuckles were going to bust through.

I looked up and into the worried grey eyes of Damion. “Are you alright Kalli?”

I smiled a little and realising that he wouldn't be able to see, I nodded, “Yea, just fine.” He didn't believe me, but nodded and loaded the horses with my bags.

Hoisting myself up on my pure white horse, Teodora, and gathering the reigns, I took a last look at the only home I had ever had. And finding the courage that I needed, myself and my men stormed out and toward my old home... into enemy territory.

~Arrival at her home castle~

As we approached, 10 guards kitted in black armer stood infront of the grand gates. I smirked.

“Halt!” We stopped. I'm sure they were intimidated. I had taken 20 warriors with me. “State your business!”

“I am the lost daughter of the former Queen Isis and of the King Apollon.” I stated clearly and loudly. Making it very clear that I was not intimidated by them but that I was not lying.

“How are we to know that you speak the truth?” The leader asked me defiantly.

“My mother's full name was Isis Tryphania Maia Glamero.” The guards eyes widened at the realisation, but they quickly composed themselves.

“We will send a message to the king to see whether he will see or not... your majesty.” He sneered. I began to feel angry and agitated.

“Let me past immediately. Or I will go through you all.” My voice doubled as it dropped in pitch with my anger. They hesitated but stayed strong.

“If you are going to be a threat to the king, then we are not permitted to let you through.” They scowled at me. They must be remembering that they thought they had the right to treat me like crap. That was about to change.

“Very well.” I flicked my hand to the right while flicking my other hand to the left sending the guards falling both ways. “Patefacio,” I murmured, looking intently at the gate's lock. I heard soft click and as they swung open, I gave Teodora a little nudge and she trotted foreward as my warriors followed.

When we reached the castle itself, guards stood at the main door around my father and his wife. I jumped off Teodora, and began rubbing her head, kissing her, murmuring in latin to her and feed some food from my cloak pocket.

“Who are you!? And what are doing at my home?” I heard my father roar at me. I was unfased by it, unlike the last time I had seen him. He could not touch me now.

I turned and smirked at him. “Why, father dearest, do you not recognise your first daughter?” I said in a sweet voice.

I watched as his eyes widened, but then hatred appeared in them. “My daughter is dead.” He was about to go inside when I stopped him. At an invisible speed I made my way around the guards until I was right behind him and whispered in his ear, “Misericordia est illi quisnam operor non weild vox abbas.” -Mercy is for those who do not weild power father.

He stiffened and whirled around glaring straight into my eyes which widened in recognition. “And who are these men you invited my dear?” He sneered at me, obviously annoyed that I had not flinched once.

“Wouldn't you recognise a queen's warriors father?” I asked him watching his reaction. His eyes narrowed, obviously curious. “I am Queen Kallisto of the Warrior Land. And these are but a few of my men.” I saw a flicker of fear in his eyes, which was enough for me. “I will go to my old room. My warriors will room around me seeing as you had so kindly given a whole floor to myself last time I was here.”

And with that I walked past the devil incarnate with his mouth hanging open and into my version of hell, head held high like any warrior queen would.

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