Kristy Hale

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Ever had to work in a place you didn't want to? That's me, I work at night at a club. I hate it, but the pay is good. I work there as a waitress and I attend the VIP guest. Some are jerks and some are ok.

I live in New York with my little sister who's only 4 years old. We lost our parents 6 months ago. Lucky, we don't pay rent since the home we live in was bought by our parents. Lucky, my best friend, Johanna is a kindergarten teacher, after teaching, she takes Chloe to our house. Oh yeah, Johanna a.k.a Jojo, also lives with us.

My life is basically, work and then home. I don't have a boyfriend; I don't need one. I wouldn't have time for him. I work from 4 pm till 12 am in the club. I should probably look for a work day job.

"Are you ready, cheeky sis." I asked while entering her bedroom.

"I'm not cheeky, you are." She sighed, "And I don't like pink." She huffed while looking at her pink dress. I chuckled.

"But it's cute, and also you have it backwards." I pinched her cheeks.

"Oops." She giggled. I changed her clothes and put a headband.


"Yes." She pinched my cheeks. "I miss mommy and daddy."

"I do too, but we have each other, and we have Jojo too, she's like a sister too." I smiled.

"That's true." She hugged me.

"Ready, Chloe?" Jojo asked.

"Yes I am, miss Jojo." She answered while holding her hand. Jojo takes her to school every day. I pick her up at 12 and spent a few hours with her till Jojo comes home and I have to leave for work.

Unlike me, Jojo has a boyfriend, they've been together for a year.

"I need food." Chloe said.

"There's a sandwich on the table." I said and she skipped to kitchen.

"Are you still thinking about getting a day job?" Jojo asked me.

"Yes, I need more money. Bills aren't going to pay themselves. And I can't have you spending your money here too, it's not fair."

"I earn enough, and I don't mind." She smiled.

"I am thankful for that, but I feel bad so, day job hunting I go."

"Alright, see you later." With that said, she went to get Chloe and then left the house.

The only bad thing if I do go job hunting for a day job, I wouldn't get to see Chloe. I cried; I miss my parents so much. They died in their romantic getaway; a drunk driver hit them. I died a little the day I got the call.

I left the house and went to search for a job. every job turned me down. I graduated two months ago. I studied business. Jojo graduated last year. After every company turning me down, I went to search for whatever job, but nothing. I guess this is my parents way of telling me, to not work in the day and enjoy my time with Chloe.

I went home and plopped on the couch and fell asleep immediately.


It was almost 12, I drove to the school and waited for Chloe and Jojo to come out.

"Shit." Jojo said while rubbing her hand. The class gasped.

"That's a bad word." Chloe said while covering her mouth.

"Very bad." Another kid said.

"That's just a fancy word for poop." She said while trying to fix her little error.

"You're the teacher." Another kid said.

I waited a few minutes and then they all came out.

"Sissy!!" Chloe said while jumping in my arms. "Guess what?"


"Jojo said a bad word, she said it was a fancier word for poop." She giggled, "She has a potty mouth."

"Oh really?" I said while giving Jojo a look.

"I hit my hand and it hurt. Sue me." She retorted. I shook my head. Thats Jojo for you, she has no filter and doesn't sugar coat.

"How did the job hunting go?"

"No luck, no one wants a recent graduate." I rolled my eyes, "I will enjoy my free time with this cheeky person and just work at night."

"I think that's the best."

"I get my sissy for more hours." She giggled while hugging me.

We left the school and we went to a bakery for lunch. I was lazy to cook today. It's been a very exhausting morning. Hopefully, things get better soon. 

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