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Bishop Perry stood at the altar gazing out at the assembly and wondered why St Matthews wasn't filled like this on Sunday mornings, of course he had to accept the fact that today one of its wealthiest members and benefactors Fred Coleman's daughter Suzette was getting married. That contributed to the crowd.  No expense had been spared. The Coleman's  had went all out for their little girls big day including  and down to the wedding planner from hell who had gotten on his last nerve for the last two weeks as she literally turned his churches upside down for this wedding. Thanks being to the almighty that she and her crew would soon be gone forever because his patience had gotten very short and he was on the verge of saying some very ungodly words to the wicked witch and her minion monkey followers..  Two more hours and he would be free of this whole fiasco. He could hardly wait to say a prayer and escort them out the doors." Amen" He said silently to himself holding on to the Holy Book. Looking over at the nervous groom he smiled and gave him a little shoulder squeeze for reassurance. It was a wonder to him, how a nice guy like this one standing before him, would be bothered with the likes of Suzette. The woman was  selfish, self absorbed and just a plain bitch, and that was putting mildly but she had a way of working her womanly charms on a man and the fact that she  had a body made for loving and face like a goddess made her irresistible. A man wouldn't think with the head on his shoulders with her and it was apparent that Julian De la Cruz wasn't thinking with his.  He was thinking with his gold member.  How many times during the last two months of premarital classes had he tired to help this young man see the errors in what he was about to embark on but of course the fool paid no real attention to him all he could see was the indecently tight sweaters and short skirts Suzette had the nerve to wear into the church. He even had to cross himself and ask for forgiveness every night after class for although he was a bishop he was still a man thankfully a man with a long black robe. Now here he stood with this young naive fool waiting anxiously at the altar for Suzette to appear.  

Pulling on the knot of his tie for what seem like the hundredth time Julian took in a deep breath slowly released it through his lips. All morning long he kept having this bad feeling like something was going to go wrong.  The feeling of uneasiness had started last night at the wedding rehearsal with Suzette's Bridezilla rampage. She  had yelled at her bridesmaids for not losing enough weight and at his groom's men for not taking the wedding serious and at him for not backing her up. Nothing was good enough.   His six senses kept niggling at him telling him to beware something was up.  She had avoided him for three days using the wedding as an excuse for them not to see one another.  Last night he asked her if this is what she wanted after her melt down. She had told him yes but for some odd reason he thought he had seen a slight glimpse of doubt.  Looking over at the wacky Bishop Perry he thought  back to the last premarital class.  The Bishop's cryptic words kept going through his mind. "Children think hard and long about what you are about to do make sure you have chosen wisely."  The Bishop had the same beware look with his eyebrows raised over the rims of his glasses. "Don't worry son, you'll make it through."  Why didn't he feel any reassurance in those words, A tap on his back he turned to look at his brother standing next to him.

"Yeah man don't worry after today this knot in your tie." Julian watched as his brother Marco loosened than retighten his tie." Won't compare to that knot on that short leash Sue's going to have around your neck Marco laughed.     Julian looked over at Bishop Perry and seen that he too was trying not to laugh.  " Wait until it's your turn, Marco."

"I will never marry it's not my style to settle down with one when there are so many to sample."  They turned as  the music began and the bridesmaids each entered escorted by one of his two younger brothers and best friend. Last but least was the Maid of Honor. The music changed and his bride appeared under the arch, her white dress hugging her curvaceous figure like  a second skin her blonde hair and face covered by a shear  white veil she looked like an angle floating down the aisle. He felt his brother nudge him his heart seemed to stop beating has he watched her stop and look up at her father.   They were arguing. The music stopped. He knew something was wrong  the moment she dropped her bouquet on the floor and moved away from her father.  "I can't do this."He heard her yell at her father.   He felt as if someone had punched him in the gut. She turned looking at him. "I'm sorry Julian."   He watched has she threw back her veil turned and ran up the aisle. A man stood than reached for her hand  together they ran through the arch way.   Everything felt surreal has he looked out at their family and friends stunned in silence.  His mother broke the quiet  she stood and began shouting at Suzette's parents in Cuban his father behind her  ready for a fight.  He felt a hand on his sleeve the Maid of Honor with tears in her eye. "I'm sorry. I told her to tell you Julian."   The bridesmaids looked at him as if apologetic. They knew! His brothers where saying words his brain couldn't comprehend. Without another thought he ran to get her.  

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